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  • My sister Kate . . .
    • PRESCOTT, Kate. Teaching Prosocial Behaviour to Adolescents: A Directory of Processes and Programs Used in Australian Schools. Australian Guidance and Counselling Association. 1995.

      The national project entitled Teaching Prosocial Behaviour to Adolescents ran for 18 months from July 1994 to December 1995. The objectives were (1) to improve student learning outcomes through the promotion of the development of school environments that are safe for students as learners, and for teachers, via the use of programs and processes which develop the prosocial skills of students in the middle years of schooling; (2) to contribute to our knowledge about the effectiveness of school programs and processes which address issues of violence in schools and the development of prosocial behaviours in adolescents, via the evaluation of program implementation and documentation of 'current good practice' nationally. In this document, information is provided about the project, the context of teaching prosocial behaviours to adolescents, and the issue of evaluation. Reports from the 18 pilot schools involved in the project are then presented, describing the processes they followed, and their outcomes. A directory section follows, which outlines 40 commercial and publicly available programs, and 50 school developed programs that schools say work. The entries have been collated from over 500 responses from schools and education professionals around Australia.
    • One of the plays for which Kate designs sets or costumes



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