Vintage folk anthologies


Album title.yearLabel/editor.Number.
Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol 1: Ballads 1952Harry Smith/ Folkways FA 2951
Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol 2: Social Music 1952Harry Smith/ Folkways FA 2952
Anthology of American Folk Music - Vol 3: Songs1952 Harry Smith/ FolkwaysFA 2953
Anthology of American Folk Music1957 Harry Smith?
[Reissue] (6 CDs)1997 Harry Smith?
American Skiffle Bands1957 Folkways (Sam Charters)?
American Skiffle Bandsc 1992 Smithsonian/ Folkways?
American Skiffle Bandsc 2000 Smithsonian/ Folkways?
Songs of Aran1957 Folkways?
Songs of Aranc 1992 Smithsonian/ Folkways?

Modern anthologies - traditional folk and blues.

Album title.yearLabel/editor.Number.
The Absolutely Essential Irish Collection (3 CDs) 2010Proper 
Afro-American Spirituals Work Songs and Ballads 1998Rounder 
Alan Lomax: Blues Songbook ( 2 CDs) 2003Rounder 
American Primitive Vol 1: Raw Pre-War Gospel 1926-1936 2005Revenant 
American Primitive Vol 2: Pre-War Revenants 1897 - 1939 2005Revenant 
Anthems in Eden: An Anthology of British and Irish Folk 1955 - 1978 2006Castle Music CMXBX 1030
Anthology of American Folk Music 1997Smithsonian Folkways SFW40090
Art of Field Recording vol 12007  
Bad Man Ballads: Songs of Outlaws and Desperados, Southern  Journey, Vol 71997 RounderCD 1705
The Battle of Prestonpans: 1745 Music and Song of the Campaign2010 GreentraxCDTRAX 356
Beginners Guide to English Folk (3 CDs) 2008 Nascente 
The Best of British Folk (2 CDs)2008 Not Now Music 
The Birds Upon The Tree and Other Traditional Songs and Tunes From the Mike Yeats Collection2004Musical TraditionsMTCD333
Blow The Man Down: A Collection of Sea Songs and Shanties1993Topic 
Catch Me If You Can: Songs From Cornish Travellers2003VeteranVT119CD
A Celebration of Great British Folk (2 CDs) 2008Not Now Music 
A Century of Song: A Celebration of Traditional Singers Since 18981998EFDSSCD02
Classic Ballads of Britain And Ireland, The Alan Lomax Collection, Vol 12000Rounder1775
Classic Ballads of Britain And Ireland, The Alan Lomax Collection, Vol 22000Rounder1776
Classic Field Recordings (Bluebird Label) (4 CDs) 2010JSP 
Deep River of Song: Alabama - From Lullabies to Blues2001Rounder1829
Deep River of Song: Bahamas 1935 - Chanteys and Anthems from Andros and Cat Island1999Rounder1822
Deep River of Song: Bahamas 1935 vol 2 - Ring Games and Round Dances2002Rounder1832
Deep River of Song: Big Brazos - Texas Prison Recordings 1933-19342000Rounder1826
Deep River of Song: Black Appalachia String Bands Songsters and Hoedowns1999Rounder1823
Deep River of Song: Black Texicans - Balladeers and Songsters of the Texas Frontier1999Rounder1821
Deep River of Song: Georgia - I'm Gonna Make You Happy2001Rounder1828
Deep River of Song: Louisiana - Catch That Train and Testify!2004Rounder1830
Deep River of Song: Mississippi - Saints and Sinners1999Rounder1824
Deep River of Song: Mississippi - The Blues Lineage1999Rounder1825
Deep River of Song: South Carolina - Got the Keys to the Kingdom2002Rounder1831
Deep River of Song: Virginia and the Piedmont2000Rounder1827
Down in the Fields: An Anthology of Traditional Folk Music From Rural England2001VeteranVTC4CD
English Folk Songs: A Selection From the Penguin Book of English Folk Songs1995 Fellside 
English International - A History of the English Concertina (3 CDs) 2010 Folksound 
Field Trip - England: Collected By Jean Ritchie and George Pickow1959 FolkwaysFW 08871
Far in the Mountains: Songs, Tunes And Stories From Mike Yeats's Appalachian  Collections 1979 - 1983 2002Musical Traditions MTCD323
Field Recordings Vol.14 1934-1950: Texas Alabama Tennessee Georgia Kentucky1999  
Fire In My Bones: Raw, Rare and Other-Worldly (3 CDs) 2009Tomkins Square 
Gastonia Gallop: Cotton Mill Songs and Hillbilly Blues 2010Old Hat Records 
Gennet Old Time Music (4 CDs)2010 JSP 
Goodbye Babylon (6 CDs)2003 Dust to Digital 
Great British Skiffle: 1948 - 1956: Just About As Good As It Gets (2 CDs)2007 Smith and Co 
Great British Skiffle Vol 2: 1952- 1957: Just About As Good As It Gets (2 CDs)2008 Smith and Co 
Great British Skiffle Vol 3: 1942- 1958: Just About As Good As It Gets (2 CDs)2009 Smith and Co 
Great British Skiffle Vol 4: 1950- 1959: Just About As Good As It Gets (2 CDs)2010 Smith and Co 
History of American Folk (3 CDs) 2010Not Now 
In The Pines: Tar Heel Folk Songs & Fiddle Tunes: Old Time Music of North Carolina 1926 - 1936 2008Old Hat Records 
Ireland of Treasures: The Voices and the Melodies of Ireland 1913 - 1948 1992Capitol 
Mountain Frolic: Rare Old Timey Classics1924 - 1937 (4 CDs) 2008JSP 
Music From the Lost Provinces: Old-time Stringbands From Ashe County, North Carolina & Vicinity 1927-1931 ?  
Music of Coal: Mining Songs From Appalachian (2 CDs) 2007Condon Music Group 
Negro Work Songs and Calls 1999Rounder 
Nugets From The Golden Age of Gospel (4 CDs) 2009JSP 
Old Time Mountain Guitar: Vintage Recordings 1926 - 1931 1998County 
Old Wine, New Skins 2007  
Paramount Old Time Recordings (4 CDs) 2006JSP 
Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys 2006Anti- 
The Royal Oak - Best of Folk 2008  
Scarborough Fair: The Best of English Folk (3 CDs) 2006Castle Music 
Serenade in the Mountains: Early Old Time Music on Record (4 CDs) 2006JSP 
Song of America (3 CDs) 2007  
Southern Prison Blues and Song 2007Collectibles 
The Story of British Folk (2 CDs) 2010Spectrum Audio 
Sprigs of Time : 78s From the EMI Archive (1903 - 1957) 2008EMI 
The Tale of Ale 2007  
Three Score and Ten - A Voice To The People: Topic Records: 70 Years (7 CDs) 2009Topic 
A Treasury of the Library of Congress Field Recordings 1997Rounder 
The Voice of the People (20 CDs) 1998Topic 
The Folk Awards 2001Topic 
BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2005 (2 CDs) 2005Proper 
Folk Awards 2006 (2 CDs) 2006PMD 
Folk Awards 2007 (3 CDs)2007Proper 
Folk Awards 2008 (3 CDs)2008PMD 
Folk Awards 2009 (3 CDs)2009 PMD 
Folk Awards 2010 (3 CDs) 2010PMD 

Modern anthologies - folk rock.

Album title.yearLabel/editor.Number.
New Electric Muse Vol 1 - The Story of Folk Into Rock (3 CDs) 1996Essential 
New Electric Musie Vol 2 - The Continuing Story of Folk Into Rock (3 CDs) 1997Essential 
The Best of British Folk Rock 1997ParkB335
The All New Electric Muse (3 CDs) 2008Commercial Marketing 
Early Morning Hush - Notes From The UK Folk Underground 1969 - 1976 2008 Sanctuary 
Gather in the Mushrooms2008 Sanctuary 
History of UK Underground Folk Rock Vol 1, 1968 - 78 1998Kissing Spell 
History of UK Underground Folk Rock Vol 2, 1968 - 78 2006Kissing Spell 
Strange Folk 2006Strange 

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