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Good Order! The Eel's Foot  (1939 - 47)c 2003VeteranVT140CD

Good Order - Ladies and Gentlemen Please. Traditional singing and music from The Eel's Foot Eastbridge. Tracks 1 - 4 recorded 1947. They were broadcast by the BBC as "Anglia Sings" on 19th Nov 1947. Tracks 9 and 10 are from a private tape of acetates of unknown origin. The others are from BBC acetates dated 13th May 1938 and 13th May 1939. CD released 2000 as Veteran VT140CD. Photographs of some of the participants were published in "Picture Post" on 14th December 1940. William "Velvet" Brightwell (1865 - 1960) was the father of William "Jumbo" Brightwell (b 1900). Jack 'Dot' Button ( 1872- 1955) plays concertina on track 15. Philip Lumpkin's voice is heard several times as master of ceremonies.  



1. Introduction and stepdancing (The Manchester Hornpipe)Mrs Howard (dancer) and unknown melodeon playerTraditional
2. False Hearted KnightJumbo BrightwellTraditional
3. The Old SowFred Gingerunknown ?1928
4. The Dark-Eyed SailorJack ClarkTraditional
5. The Princess RoyalVelvet BrightwellTraditional 
6. Poor Man's HeavenTom Goddardunknown/?IWW ?1920s
7. The Foggy DewDouglas MorlingTraditional
8. The Indian LassVelvet BrightwellTraditional
9. Duck Foot SueHarry 'Crutter' CookHarry Bennett 1884
10. Underneath her ApronEdgar ButtonTraditional
11. Pleasant and DelightfulVelvet BrightwellTraditional
12. The BlackbirdAlbert 'Diddy' CookTraditional
13. The Farmer from CheshireAlec BloomfieldTrad - Child 283
14. The Old Sow (2)Fred Gingerunknown ?1928
15. Jack's the Boy (instrumental)Jack 'Dot' ButtonTraditional

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