Chronology - UK folk rock albums 1965 - 2010

(Includes bands from Ireland, Australia, Sweden and Italy, but not USA) (also includes guitar wizards)

Original albums.

yearArtists.Album Title.
1965 DonovanCatch The Wind/ What's Been Did and What's Been Hid
1966Donovan Sunshine Superman
1967 DonovanMellow Yellow
1968 John RenbournSir John A Lot Of Merry England
1968 Fairport Convention Fairport Convention
1968 Fairport ConventionWhat We Did on Our Holidays
1969 Magna CartaMagna Carta
1969 Incredible String BandHangman's Beautiful Daughter
1969 Fairport ConventionLiefe and Lief
1969 Fairport ConventionUnhalfbricking
1970 Lindisfarne Nicely Out of Tune
1970 Cat Stevens Tea For The Tillerman
1970 Fairport ConventionFull House
1970 Steeleye SpanHark! The Village Wait
1970 FotheringayFotheringay
1970 TreesOn the Shore
1970 Magna CartaSeasons
1970 Vashti BunyanJust Another Diamond Day
1970 Syd BarrettTher Madcap Laughs
1971 ComusFirst Utterance
1971 LindisfarneFog on the Tyne
1971 Cat StevensTeaser and the Firecat
1971 Steeleye SpanPlease to See The King
1971 Led ZeppelinUntitled (Four Symbols/ Zoso)
1971 Shirley Collins and AlbionNo Roses
1972 Steeleye SpanBelow The Salt
1972 The StrawbsGrave New World
1972 Amazing BlondelEngland
1973 John MartynSolid Air
1973 John RenbournHeads and Tails
1973 Mike OldfieldTubular Bells
1973 HorslipsThe Tain
1974 HorslipsDancehall Sweethearts
1974 Mike OldfieldHergest Ridge
1974 Jack the LadThe Old Straight Track
1975 Led ZeppelinPhysical Graffiti
1975 HorslipsDrive the Cold Winter Away
1976 HorslipsThe Book of Invasions
1976 5 Hand Reel5 Hand Reel
1976 Albion Dance BandBattle of the Field (recorded 1973)
1977 John MartynOne World
1977 John RenbournMaid in Bedlam
1977 AlbionThe Prospect Before Us
1978AlbionRise Up Like the Sun

The 1980s.

yearArtists.Album Title.
1980John Martyn Grace and Danger
1981 Dave SwarbrickSmiddyburn
1983 Richatd ThompsonHand of Kindness
1984 The PoguesRed Roses for Me
1984 Billy BraggBrewing Up With Billy Bragg
1985 The PoguesRum Sodomy and the Lash
1985 Dead Can DanceSpleen And Ideal
1985 Moving HeartsThe Storm
1986 Martin StephensonBoat To Bolivia
1986 The Men they Couldn't HangHow Green Is The Valley
1986 Richard ThompsonDaring Adventures
1986 Billy BraggTalking With The Taxman
1988The PoguesIf I Should Fall From Grace With God
1988Dead Can Dance The Serpent's Egg

The 1990s.

yearArtists.Album Title.
1991 The Levellers Levelling The Land
1991 Richard ThompsonRumour and Sigh
1991The WaifsShelter Me
1992 SkycladA Burnt Offering To The Bone Idol
1993 SkycladJonah's Ark
1993 Robert PlantFate of Nations
1994 Page and PlantNo Quarter
1996 John Wesley HardingJohn Welsey Harding's New Deal
1996 Fairport ConventionOld New Borrowed Blue
1996 The WaifsThe Waifs
1997 Martin Stephenson Beyond The Leap, Beyond The Law
1998 RhapsodySymphony of Enchanted Lands

The 2000s.

yearArtists.Album Title.
2000KilaLemonade and Buns
2001Blackmore's Night Fires at Midnight
2002 Blackmore's NightPast Times With Good Company
2002 Robert PlantDreamland
2003 Rock Salt and Nails Midnight Rain
2004 John Wesley Harding Adam's Apple
2005 Jennifer CuttingOcean: Songs for the Night Sea Journey
2005 Robert PlantThe Mighty Re-Arranger
2006 Lisa GerrardThe Silver Tree
2007 A Hawk and a Hacksaw Hawk and a Hacksaw and The Hun Hangar Ensemble
2007 The Imagined Village The Imagined Village
2009 Steeleye Span Cogs Wheels and Lovers
2010 The Imagined Village Empire and Love
2010 Robert Plant Band of Joy

Compilations/ "Best of" packages.

DecadeArtists.Album title.
1960s - 70sDonovan The Troubadour (Compilation)
1960s - 70s DonovanGreatest Hits ... And More
1960s - 70s Fairport Convention Live at the BBC
1970s The Strawbs Halycon Days - The Very Best of the Strawbs
1970s Mr Fox Join Us in Our Game
1980s The Levellers One Way of Life

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