Chronology - English pure drop folk albums 1960 - 2010

Original albums.

yearArtists.Album Title.
1959Shirley Collins Sweet England
1960A.L. Lloyd England and Her Traditional Songs
1960Shirley Collins False True Lovers
1960Ewan MaColl and others Singing The Fishing
1964Davy Graham Folk, Blues and Beyond
1965Martin CarthyMartin Carthy
1966Martin Carthy Second Album
1966The Watersons The Watersons
1966The Young Tradition The Young Tradition
1967 Ewan MacColl and Bert LloydBlow Boys Blow
1967 Dave Swarbrick with Martin Carthy and Diz DisleyRags, Reels and Airs
1967 Shirley CollinsSweet Primeroses
1968 Fairport Convention Fairport Convention
1968 Fairport ConventionWhat We Did on Our Holidays
1968 PentangleSweet Child
1968 John RenbournSir John A Lot of Merry England
1968 Shirley CollinsPower of the True Love Knot
1968 The Critics GroupPeterloo: Waterloo
1968 Tim Hart and Maddy PriorFolk Songs of Old England vol 1
1969 Fairport ConventionLiefe and Lief
1969 Fairport ConventionUnhalfbricking
1969 PentangleBasket of Light
1970 Fairport ConventionFull House
1970 Steeleye SpanHark! The Village Wait
1970 FotheringayFotheringay
1970 Shirley and Dolly CollinsLove, Death and the Lady
1970 TreesOn the Shore
1971 Steeleye SpanPlease to See The King
1971 Ashley Hutchings et alMorris On
1971 Anne BriggsAnne Briggs
1971 Tim Hart and Maddy PriorSummer Solstice
1971 Shirley Collins and AlbionNo Roses
1972 Steeleye SpanBelow The Salt
1972 Lal and Mike WatersonBright Phoebus
1972 Frankie ArmstrongLovely on the Water
1972 PentangleSolomon's Seal
1972 Barry DransfieldBarry Dransfield
1973 Steeleye SpanParcel of Rogues
1974 Jack the LadThe Old Straight Track
1974 Sam LarnerA Garland For Sam
1975 High Level RantersThe Bonnie Pit Laddie
1975 Jack the LadRough Diamonds
1976 June TaborAirs and Graces
1976 John Kirkpatrick and Martin Carthy Plain Capers
1976 Maddy Prior and June TaborSilly Sisters
1976 5 Hand Reel5 Hand Reel
1976 Dransfield (Robin and Barry Dransfield) The Fiddler's Dream
1976 Albion Band Battle of the Field
1976 Ashley Hutchings et al Son Of Morris On
1977 Fairport ConventionThe Bonny Bunch of Roses
1977 John RenbournMaid in Bedlam
1977 Peter BellamyThe Transports
1977 AlbionThe Prospect Before Us
1978AlbionRise Up Like the Sun

The 1980s.

yearArtists.Album Title.
1980 Nic JonesPenguin Eggs
1980 Albion Lark Rise To Candleford
1981 Dave SwarbrickSmiddyburn
1983 Brass MonkeyBrass Monkey
1984 Kathryn TickellOn Kielder Side
1986 BlowzabellaWall of Sound
1986 Home ServiceAlright Jack
1987 Maddy Prior and Carnival Band Tapestry of Carols
1987 Tom LewisSurfacing

The 1990s.

yearArtists.Album Title.
1990 Blowzabella Vanilla
1993 Shirley and Dolly CollinsAnthems in Eden
1995 Waterson: CarthyWaterson: Carthy
1995 Eliza Carthy and Nancy KerrShape of Scrape
1996 Fairport ConventionOld New Borrowed Blue
1997 Kate RusbyHourglass
1997 JSD BandFor The Record
1998 Kathryn TickellThe Northumberland Collection
1998 PooziesInfinite Blue
1999June TaborA Quiet Eye

The 2000s.

yearArtists.Album Title.
2000Norma WatersonBright Shiny Morning
2000Bill Jones Turn To Me
2001 Maddy PriorArthur the King
2001 Martin SimpsonThe Bramble Briar
2001 Bill JonesPanchpuran
2001 Tin van Eyken and Robert HabronOne Sunday Afternoon
2002 Seth LakemanThe Punchbowl
2002 Eliza CarthyAngicana
2002Nancy Kerr and James FaganBetween The Dark and Light
2003Kate RusbyUnderneath the Stars
2003Jim MoraySweet England
2003 Coope Boyes and SimpsonFire and Sleet and Candlelight
2003 PooziesChanged Days, Same Roots
2003 June Tabor Echo of Hooves
2003 Bill Jones Two Year Winter
2003 Spiers and Boden Bellow
2003 Alasdair Roberts No Earthly Man
2004 Seth LakemanKitty Jay
2004 Brass MonkeyFlame of Fire
2005 Spiers and BodenTunes
2005 Martha TilstonBimbling
2005 James RaynardStrange Histories
2005 Eliza CarthyRough Music
2005 BellowheadE.P.Onymous
2006Bellowhead Burlesque
2006 Tim van Eyken Stiffs Lovers Holymen Thieves
2006 Nancy Kerr and Fagan Strands of Gold
2006Devil's Interval Blood and Honey
2006 Seth Lakeman Freedom Fields
2006 Jim Moray Jim Moray
2006 Waterson:Carthy Holy Heathen and the Old Green Man
2006 Coope Boyes and Simpson Voices at the Door: Midwinter Songs and Carols
2006 Martha Tilston Of Milkmaids and Architects
2007  Rachael Unthank and the WintersetThe Bairns
2007Sharron KrausRight Wantonly a-Mumming
2007 Kate Rusby Awkward Annie
2007 Martin Simpson Prodigal Son
2007 Megson Smoke of Home
2008Grace Notes Northern Tide
2008 Kate Rusby Sweet Bells
2008 Maddy Prior Seven For Old England
2008 Megson Take Yourself a Wife
2008 Albion Band Dancing Days are Here Again
2008 Fotheringay Fotheringay 2
2008 Kate Rusby Sweet Bells
2009 The Unthanks Here's The Tender Coming
2009 Jackie Oates Hyperrboreans
2009 Martin Simpson True Stories
2009 Mawkin: Causley The Awkward Recruit
2009 Steeleye Span Cogs Weels and Lovers
2010 The Imagined Village Empire and Love
2010 Megson The Long Shot
2010 Jim Moray In Modern History
2010 Belshazzar's Feast Find The Lady
2010 Dave Swarbrick Raison d'etre
2010 Andy Cutting Andy Cutting

Compilations/ "Best of" packages.

DecadeArtists.Album title.
1950s - 60sThe Copper FamilyCome Write Me Down: Early Recordings
1960s - 70s Fairport ConventionHistory of Fairport
1960s - 70s Fairport Convention Live at the BBC
1960s - 70s Scan Tester I Never Played Too Many Posh Dances - Scan Tester 1887 - 1972
1960s - 70s The Watersons Mighty River of Song
1960s - 70s The Ian Campbell Folk Group This is The Ian Campbell Folk Group/ Across The Hills
1960s - 90s Peter Bellamy Wake The Vaulted Echoes
1960s - 90s Cyril Tawney Navy Cuts - The Songs of Cyril Tawney
1970s Steeleye Span Lark in the Morning
1970s Walter Pardon A World Without Horses: A Portrait of a Traditional Singer
1970s - 80s Robin and Barry Dransfield Up To Now

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