Chronology - Irish pure drop folk albums 1958 - 2010

Original albums.

yearArtists.Album Title.
1958Margaret Barry Her Mantle So Green
1961Clancy Brothers Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
1962Clancy Brothers Hearty and Hellish
1967 The DublinersA Drop of the Hard Stuff
1967 The DublinersMore of the Hard Stuff
1968 The DublinersAt It Again
1969 Leo Rowsome Rí na bPíobairí - King of the Pipers
1972 PlanxtyBlack Album (First album)
1972 Wolfe TonesLet the People Sing
1973 The Chieftains4
1973 Joe BurkeTraditional Music of Ireland
1973 PlanxtyThe Well Below The Valley
1973 HorslipsThe Tain
1974 PlanxtyCold Blow and The Rainy Night
1974 Seamus EnnisForty Years of Irish Piping
1974 Kilfenora Ceili BandIrish Traditional Fiddle Music
1975 The Chieftains5
1975 Bothy BandThe Bothy Band
1975 HorslipsDrive the Cold Winter Away
1975 Derek BellCarolan's Receipt
1975 Tríona Ní DhomhnaillTríona
1976 Andy Irvine and Paul BradyAndy Irvine/ Paul Brady
1976 De DannanDe Dannan
1976 Mary BerginFeadoga Stain. Traditional Irish Music On The Tin Whistle
1976 Tommy Peoples High Part of the Road
1977 Jackie DalyMusic From Sliabh Luachra
1977 Bothy BandOut of The Wind, Into The Sun
1977 Matt Molloy, Paul Brady, Tommy PeoplesMolloy Brady Peoples
1977 Paddy GlackinGlackin
1979The ChieftainsBoil the Breakfast Early
1979Dolores Keane and John FaulknerBroken-Hearted I'll Wander
1979Noel Hill and Tony Linnane Noel Hill and Tony Linnane
1979Joe Heaney Joe and the Gabe
1979 Martin O'Connor The Connachtman's Rambles

The 1980s.

yearArtists.Album Title.
1980 Liam O'Flynn and Shaun DaveyThe Brendan Voyage
1980 Stockton's WingTake a Chance
1980 James Keane Roll Away The Real World
1980 John Doherty Bundle and Go
1980 Derek Bell Carolan's Favourite
1982 James Kelly, Paddy O'Brien and Daithi Sproule Traditional Music of Ireland
1983 Frankie Gavin Croch Suas E (Up and Away)
1984 The PoguesRed Roses for Me
1985 The PoguesRum Sodomy and the Lash
1985 Tommy PeoplesThe Iron Man
1985 Noel Hill and Tony MacMahonÍ gCnoc Na Graí (In Knocknagree)
1986 Patrick StreetPatrick Street
1986 Joe BurkeHappy To Meet & Sorry To Part
1987 John WhelanFresh Takes
1988The PoguesIf I Should Fall From Grace With God
1988Paddy O'Brien Stranger at the Gate
1989Arty McGlynnLead the Knave
1989Frankie Gavin Frankie Goes To Town
1989Wolfe Tones 25th Anniversary

The 1990s.

yearArtists.Album Title.
1990AltanRed Crow
1991Sharon ShannonSharon Shannon
1991Maighréad Ní DhomhnaillGan Dha Phingin Spre (No Dowry)
1991Arcady After The Ball
1991 Paddy Glackin Rabharta Ceoil (In Full Spate)
1992Matt MolloyMusic at Matt Molloy's
1992 Croabh RuaThe More That's Said The Less the Better
1992 Tony MacmahonTraditional Irish Accordion
1993 AltanIsland Angel
1993 Liam O'FlynnOut To an Other Side
1993 DéantaDéanta
1993 Mary BerginFeadoga Stain 2
1994 Four Men and a DogShifting Gravel
1995 The ChieftainsLong Black Veil
1995 Ronnie DrewDirty Rotten Shame
1995 Kevin CrawfordD' Flute Album
1996 DervishAt the End of the Day
1996 SolasSolas
1996 Sileas Play on Light
1996 John Whelan Celtic Reflections: Misty-Eyed Morning
1996 John Doherty The Floating Bow
1997 AltanRunaway Sunday
1997 Finbar FureyThe Wind and the Rain
1997 DeantaWhisper of a Secret
1997 Martin Hayes and Dennis CahillThe Lonesome Touch
1997 Dervish Live In Palma
1998 SolasThe Words That Remain
1998 Ron KavanaIrish Songs of Rebellion, Resistance and Reconciliation
1998 Kilfenora Ceili BandSet on Stone
1998 James KeaneWith Friends Like These
1999 The ChieftainsTears of Stone
1999 LunasaOtherworld
1999Martin HayesLive in Seattle
1999Niamh ParsosnBlackbirds and Thrushes
1999Maighréad & Tríona Ní DhomhnaillIdir an Da Sholas (Between The Two Lights)

The 2000s.

yearArtists.Album Title.
2000Niamh ParsonsIn My Prime
2000Davy SpillaneForgotten Days
2000Manus McGuireSaffron and Blue
2000The ChieftainsWater From The Well
2000Michael McGoldrick Fused
2000Sharon Shannon Diamond Mountain Sessions
2000Andy Irvine Way out Yonder
2000Joe Heaney The Road From Connemara: Songs and Stories told and Sung To Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger
2000 Cathal McConnell Long Expectant Comes At Last
2001 Cara DillonCara Dillon
2001 Kevin CrawfordIn Good Company
2001 Johnny B ConnollyBridgetown
2002DanúAll Things Considered
2002Lasairfhíona Ní ChonaolaAn Raicin Alainn
2002AltanThe Blue Idol
2003 Mick O'BrienKitty Lie Over
2003 Mick McAuley An Ocean's Breadth
2003 Cara Dillon Sweet Liberty
2004 Susan McKeownSweet Liberty
2004 PlanxtyPlanxty Live 2004
2004 TeadaGive Us A Penny and Let Us Be Gone (Láa an Dreoilín)
2005 Michael McGoldrickWired
2005 DanúWhen All Is Said and Done
2006 John McSherryTripswitch
2006SolasReunion - A Decade of Solas
2006Muireann Nic AmhlaoibhDaybreak: Fáinne an Lea
2006 Teada Inné Amárach (Yesterday Tomorrow)
2006 Lunasa
2008 Bodega Under the Counter
2008 Heidi Talbot In Love and Light
2009 Beoga The Incident
2009 Cara Dillon Hill of Thieves
2010 The Chieftains San Patricio

Compilations/ "Best of" packages.

DecadeArtists.Album title.
1920s - 40s Michael ColemanMichael Coleman 1891 - 1945
1950s - 60s The Clancy Brothers and Tommmy Makem The Best of The Clancy Brothers and Tommmy Makem
1960sThe Dubliners Original Dubliners 1966 - 1969 (2 CDs)
1960sSean O Riada Plearaca a Riadaigh
1960s - 70s Sweeney's Men The Legend of Sweeney's Men
1960s - 90s Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem Best of Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
1970s - 80s Stockton's Wing Collection
1980s The Pogues The Very Best of
1980s De Dannan Best of De Dannan
1980s De Dannan How The West Was Won

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