Chronology - Scottish pure drop folk albums 1960 - 2010

Original albums.

yearArtists.Album Title.
1960Ewan MacColl and others Singing The Fishing
1966Hamish Imlach Hamish Imlach
1972 Barbara DicksonFrom the Beggar's Mantle
1973 Jean RedpathFrae My Ain Countrie
1974 Boys of the LoughLive At Passim
1975 McCalmansThe Smuggler
1976 Archie FisherWill Ye Gang, Love
1976 5 Hand Reel5 Hand Reel
1976 Archie Fisher The Man With A Rhyme
1977 Dick GaughanKist o' Gold

The 1980s.

yearArtists.Album Title.
1980Battlefield BandHome is Where the Van Is
1980 Alison Kinnaird The Harper's Gallery
1980 James Keane Roll Away The Real World
1980 John Doherty Bundle and Go
1980 Jock Tamson's Bairns Jock Tamson's Bairns
1981 Dave SwarbrickSmiddyburn (several Scottish tunes on it)
1981 Dick GaughanA Handful Of Earth
1985 KornogAr Seizh Avel (On Seven Winds)
1985 Boys of the LoughTo Welcome Paddy Home
1985 Brian McNeillThe Busker And Devil's Only Daughter
1987 Boys of the LoughFarewell and Remember Me
1987 Catherine-Ann MacPheeCānan Nan Gaidheal (The Language of the Gael)
1987 SileasBeating Harps
1989Arthur CormackRuith Na Gaoith (Chasing the Wind)
1989Skylark All of It

The 1990s.

yearArtists.Album Title.
1990 Anne Lister No Signposts
1991Brian McNeillThe Back O' North Wind
1991Ray FisherTraditional Songs Of Scotland
1991Mouth MusicMouth Music
1992WolfstoneThe Chase
1993 Heather HeywoodBy Yon Castle Wa'
1993 CeolbegAn Unfair Dance
1994 Aly BainAly Bain Meets the Cajuns
1994 StravaigMovin' On
1995 Alasdair FraserDawn Dance
1995 John McCuskerJohn McCusker
1995 Jim MalcolmSconeward
1995 Tony McManusTony McManus
1995 Aly Bain and Phil CunninghamThe Pearl
1996 Sileas Play on Light
1996 The Cast The Winnowing
1996 Deaf Shepherd Ae Spark O Nature's Fire
1997 Iron HorseDemons and Lovers
1997 Battlefield BandAcross The Borders
1997 Aly Bain and Phil CunninghamThe Ruby
1998 Deaf ShepherdSynergy
1998 Aly BainRuby
1998 The Wrigley SistersHuldreland
1999Fiddlers' BidHamnataing
1999The OccasionalsLive at the Music Hall, Aberdeen
1999The Cast The Winnowing
1999Old Blind DogsThe World's Room
1999Sheila StewartFrom the Heart of the Tradition

The 2000s.

yearArtists.Album Title.
2000Tannahill WeaversAlchemy
2000Alyth McCormackAn Iomall (The Edge)
2000MalinkyLast Leaves
2000Catriona Macdonald Bold
2001 Alasdair FraserLegacy Of The Scottish Fiddle vol 1
2001 Mairi MacInnesMairi MacInnes
2002Tony McManusCeol More
2002Duncan ChisholmRedpoint
2003 Rock Salt and Nails Midnight Rain
2003 Angus Lyon Simple Tricks
2003 Capercaillie Choice Language
2003 Anna Massie Glad Company
2004 Blazin' FiddlesOld Style
2004 Alison KinnairdSilver String
2005 MalinkyThe Unseen Hours
2005 Fiddler's BidNaked and Bare
2005 Session A9What Road?
2006 Kris DreverBlack Water
2006Kevin MacLeodDorney Rock
2006 Lau Lightweights and Gentlemen
2006 Shona Mooney Heartease
2006 Kevin MacLeod Dorney Rock
2007Chris Stout The Devil's Advocate
2007 Aly Bain and Ale Moller Beyond the Stacks
2007 The Cast Greengold
2007 Karine Polwart The Fairest Floo'er
2008 Lau Live
2008 Ailie Robetson First Things First
2009 John McCusker Under One Sky
2009 Fiddler's Bid All Dressed in Yellow
2010 Daimh Diversions

Compilations/ "Best of" packages.

DecadeArtists.Album title.
1950sJohn StrachanSongs From Aberdeenshire
1950s - 70sJimmy Shand The Golden Years
1960s - 70s The Corries Very Best of the Corries
1960s - 70s The Corries Spotlight on the Corries
1960s - 70s Hamish Imlach Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice: The Transatlantic Anthology (2 CDs)
1990s - 00s Old Blind Dogs Legacy

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