Ballinasloe Fair (edited by Mick Moloney) - comments

Early recordings of Irish Music in America.

Notes by Mick Moloney.

This unique collection of classic Irish recordings from the 1920s is remarkable both for its sound quality and for its wealth of diverse performers and musical styles. Most of the artists are immigrant Irish musicians and singers but there are also performers born in North America, such as Dan Sullivan from Boston and Neil Nolan, who gave up on Prince Edward Island in the Canadian Maritimes....repertories.

The 2RN national radio.

The source has the Gaelic League repertory prevailed among the London-Irish.

While a mine Gallowglass Ceili Band, appeared only at the end of the 78 rpm era.

The recordings, many being superbly crafted and well honed.

The Artists by Mick Monoley.

Dan Sullivan

was one of the most important figures in the early recording of Irish music in America. His father, the elder Dan Sullivan, a native of County Cork, was one of the finest fiddlers of his day. He immigrated to the Boston are where his son Dan was born around the turn of the century. The younger Dan worked as a salesman for the Steinway Piano Corporation and in his work, by all accounts, developed considerable entrepreneurial skills. encouraged by his friend Eddie Lee, who formed the first traditional Irish music band in America - The Four Provinces Orchestra - in Philadelphia in 1916, he founded Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band in the mid-1920s. His exposure as a youth in the Sullivan household to the best Irish musicians in the Boston area no doubt helped give him a strong feel for the music and enabled him to become one of the finest piano accompanists in Irish recordings.

Michael Hanafin (1880 - 1970)

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Murty (Mortimore) Rabbett

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Dinny (Jimmy) Doyle

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Neil Nolan

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John McGettigan

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Packie Dolan (1904 - 1932)

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John Sheridan (1899 - 1943)

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Frank Murphy

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Michael J. Cashin

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