City Waites

English group performing early music and traditional songs and tunes using replicas of period instruments.

(Michael Sargeant has also recorded with St George's Canzona.. Lucie Skeaping, Roddy Skeaping)


Low and Lusty Songs   
Two Handfuls Long Sir   
Music From The Court of Henry VIII   
Lads and Lasses   
Ghosts Witches and Demons1995 Sound AliveSAMPP CD 401-2 
Christmas Now Is Drawing Near   
How The World Wags1982  
Pills To Purge Melancholy1990  
A Madrigal For All Seasons   
Music Of The Stuart Age   
Music of The Tudor Age   
Bawdy Ballads of Old England (*)1995RegisRRC 1175
The English Tradition: 400 Years of Music & Song2000 ARC 
Penny Merriments2004 Naxos 
Sorcery and Spectres2005  
Lusty Songs and Country Dances 2007Regis 
The English Stage Jig2009 Hyperion 

(* The design of this album makes it look as if the name of the group is "The Mufitians of Grope Lane".)

Album tracks.

"Bawdy Ballads of Old England"Recorded 1995. Running time 74 minutes 25 seconds. Lucy Skeaping (soprano, baroque violin), Douglas Wootton (tenor, lute, bandora, cittern, tabor), Roddy Skeaping (baroque, violin, bass viol, voice, musical arrangements), Michael Brain (baroque bassoon, recorders, voice), Rubin Jeffrey (baroque guitar, cittern), Mike Sargeant (early Northumbrian bagpipes, Flemish bagpipes), David Chatterley (hurdy-gurdy). 



1. Diddle Diddle or The Kind Country LoversText: Pepys collection. Tune: Lavenders Green
2. The Fair Maid of IslingtonText: Bagford Ballads. Tune: Sellinger's Round
3. Green Stockings (instr)Playford's Dancing Master
4. The Jovial Lass or Dol and RogerText: Pepys collection. Tune: Robin Hood and the Stranger
5. Mundanga WasText: Thomas Durfey. Tune: Anon
6. Lady of Pleasure (instr)Playford's Dancing Master
7. The Old WifeText: Thomas Durfey. Tune: Anon
8. The BeehiveThomas Durfey
9. Blue Petticoats or Greengarters (instr)Playford's Dancing Master
10. The Gelding of the DevilText: trad. Tune: Thomas Durfey
11. The Maid's Complaint for Want of a Dil DoulText: Pepys Collection. Tune: Packington's Pound
12. Oyster NanThomas Durfey
13. The Frolic (instr)Playford's Dancing Master
14. The Husband who met his MatchText: Roxburghe Ballads. Tune: Calleno
15. The Jovial Broom ManText: Roxburghe Ballads. Tune: Jamaica
16. The DisappointmentThomas Durfey
17. The Lusty Young SmithThomas Durfey
18. Greensleeves and Yellow Lace (instr)Playford's Dancing Master
19. The Jolly Brown TurdThomas Durfey
20. Two Rounds: (a) Tom Making a Manteau; (b) When Celia was Learning (a) Henry Purcell (b) John Ishem
21. Ladie Lie Near Me (instr)Playford's Dancing Master
22. Oh how you ProtestText: Thomas Durfey. Tune: Henry Purcell
23. A Ditty Delightful of Mother Watkin's AleText: Huth Collection. Tune: Fiztwilliam Virginal Book
24. Miss NellyPlayford's Dancing Master

(Sources - Texts:
- Pepys Collection (tracks 1, 4 and 10)
- John Bagford (1650 - 1716) (tracks 2 and 11)
- Thomas Durfey's "Pills to Purge Melancholy" (published 1698-1720) (tracks 5, 7, 8, 12, 16, 17, 19 and 22)
- Roxburghe Ballads (track 14)
- attributed to Henry Purcell (1659 - 1695) (track 20a)
- John Ishem (track 20b)
- Huth collection of Seventy-Nine Blackletter Ballads (track 23)

Sources - Tunes
- E.F. Rimbault's "Nursery Rhymes" c 1846 (track 1)
- "Sellinger's Round", found in John Playford's "The Dancing Master" 2nd edition 1652 (track 2)
- John Playford's "The Dancing Master" 5th edition 1675 (track 3)
- "Robin Hood and the Stranger" from the ballad opera "The Jovial Crew" (1731) (track 4)
- From the play "Don Quixote" (tracks 5 and 7)
- John Playford's "The Dancing Master" 7th edition (1668) (tracks 6 and 24) 
- Thomas Durfey's "Pills to Purge Melancholy" (published 1698-1720) (tracks 8, 12, 16, 17 and 19)
- John Playford's " The Dancing Master" 4th edition (1670) (tracks 9, 18 and 19) 
- "Packington's Pound" (track 11)
- John Playford's " The Dancing Master" 11th edition (1701) (track 13) 
- "Calleno" (track 14)
- attributed to Henry Purcell (1659 - 1695) (track 20a)
- John Ishem (track 20b)
- John Playford's " The Dancing Master" 1st edition (1651) (track 21) 
- Henry Purcell's music for the play the "Mock Marriage" (1695) (track 22) - Fitzwilliam Virginal Book (track 23)


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