English group performing early music and traditional songs and tunes using replicas of period instruments.


Title. year. Label. number.
Heart's Ease      
Night's Black Bird      
Go Nightly Cares      
For Ye Violls      
A Play of Passion      
Cries and Fancies      
Purcell's Complete Fantasias2009?     
Concord Is Conquer'd      
John Dowland's Lachrimae      
William Byrd's Complete Consort Music      
The English Viol      
Matthew Locke: Consort of Fower Parts      
Orlando Gibbons: Fantasias      
John Jenkins: The Mirrour and Wonder      
In Nominee      
Armada - Music From the Courts 2000  
Birds on Fire - Jewish Musicians at the Tudor Court 2008  
J.S. Bach - The Art of Fugue 2010  

Albums - Theatre of Voice and Fretwork.

Title. year. Label. number.
Cries of London 2006    

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