David Munrow (1942 - 1976)

English player of the recorder, bassoon and other instruments; researcher into Medieval music; writer of music that sounds medieval.

(David was a founder of the Early Music Consort of London)

Musica Reservata with David Munrow.

French Court Music of the thirteenth century1967  
Music from the Hundred Years War1968  
Music from the Decameron1969   
16th century Italian Dance Music1970  
Music from the court of Burgundy1971  

The Early Music Consort, directed by David Munrow.

Title.year.Label. No
Ecco La Primavera - Florentine Music of the 14th Century1969 Argo ZRG 642
[Reissue] 1982 London STS 15583
Music of the Crusades1970 ArgoZRG 673
[Reissue]1991 Decca430 264-2
The Triumphs of Maximilian I1970   
Music for Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain1972   
The Art of Courtly Love1973   
Praetorius - Dances and Motets1973   
Instruments of the Middle Ages and Renaissance1973/4   
Monteverdi's Contemporaries1975   
Greensleeves to a Ground1976   
Festival of Early Music1976   

Various collaborations.

Galleries1968The Young Tradition and Early Music Consort 
Spinning Wheel1969The Round Table & David Munrow 
Anthems in Eden1969Shirley and Dolly Collins & Early Music Consort 
Music From Shakespeare's Time1969Royal Shakespeare Wind Band, dir Guy Wolfenden 
Pleasure of the Court1971David Munrow, Gillian Reid, Christopher Hogwood 
The Amorous Flute1973David Munrow, Oliver Brookes, Robert Spencer  
The Art of the Recorder1975David Munrow 
The Art of David Munrow1971-76various collaborations 

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