St George's Canzona

English group performing early music and traditional songs and tunes using replicas of period instruments.

(They have recorded with The Albion Band.)


Music of Henry the VIII1971 Musical Heritage Society 
A Tapestry of Early Christmas Carols and Festive Music 1971 Classics For Pleasure 
England Be Glad - Patriotic and Heroic Songs1972 Classics For Pleasure 
Courtly Pastimes of 16th Century England1972 L'Oiseau Lyre 
To Drive The Cold Winter Away1975 CRD1019
[Reissue]2008 CRD/ Argo?
A Tapestry of Music For Robin Hood 1976 EnigmaVAR 1020
A Tapestry of Music For Christopher Columbus 1977 EnigmaVAR 1024
A Tapestry of Music For King Wenceslas 1977 EnigmaVAR 1047
A Tapestry of Music For The Black Prince and His Knights 1978 EnigmaK 53 751
A Tapestry of Music For Charles I 1979 EnigmaK 53 580
A Tapestry of Music For Oliver Cromwell 1979 EnigmaK 53 581
Merry It Is While Summer Lasts1983 CRD1112
[Reissue]2007 CRD 
Pastyme with Good Campanye 1980? ?
Medieval Songs and Dances 1985? ?
[Reissue] 2007CRD ?
Roundheads and Cavaliers ?1984? ?
[Reissue] 1994ASV Living Era ?

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