The Flanagan Brothers

Irish-American brothers, Joe, Mike and Louis, singing novelty songs and playing Irish instrumentals.

(They were born in Waterford in the 1890s. Emigrated to the USA)

Anthology - James Morrison, Patsy Touhey, Flanagan Brothers et al.

Title.year.Label. No
Farewell To Ireland (4 CDs)(*)2005ProperPROPERBOX 3

(* 7 tracks by the Flanagan Brothers:
CD1 track 3 - The Moving Bogs/ Miss Thornton (reels)
CD1 track 14 - The Beggarman (song)
CD2 track 1 - The Night Pat Murphy Died (song)
CD2 track 17 - Paddy In London (jig)
CD3 track 6 - The Leitrim Thrush/ Fermoy Lasses (reels)
CD4 track 18 - My Irish Molly-O (song)
CD4 track 20 - Irish Delight/ Tura Lura Lura (That's An Irish Lullaby)(song medley)

(* 1 track by Joe Flanagan:
CD4 track 19 - Scotch Mary (reel))

Singles (78 rpm).

Down the Meadows Jig/  Hearts Bucks of Cranmore1923 Gennett5149
Rights of Man/ Irish Boy One Step1923 Gennett5169
Holly and Ivy/ Gaelic Barn Dance1923 Gennett5205
Jenny Pickin' Cockles/ Maid on the Green1923 Gennett5206

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