Time line for British Folk-Rock

1968	Fairport Convention		Fairport Convention
	Fairport Convention		What We Did On Our Holidays

1969	Fairport Convention		Unhalfbricking
	Fairport Convention		Liege and Lief

1970	Fairport Convention		Full House
	Steeleye Span			Hark! The Village Wait

1971	Fairport Convention		Angel Delight
	Fairport Convention		Babbacombe Lee
	Steeleye Span			Please To See The King
	Steeleye Span			Ten Man Mop

1972	Fairport Convention		Rosie
	Fairport Convention		Nine
	Steeleye Span			Below The Salt
	Richard Thompson		Henry The Human Fly

1973	Steeleye Span			Parcel Of Rogues
	John Martyn			Solid Air
1974	Steeleye Span			Now We Are Six
	Richard and Linda Thompson	I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight

1975	Fairport Convention		Rising for The Moon
	Fairport Convention		Gottle O' Geer
	Steeleye Span			Commoner's Crown
	Steeleye Span			All Around My Hat
	Richard and Linda Thompson	Hokey Pokey
	Richard and Linda Thompson	Pour Down Like Silver

1976	Albion				Battle Of The Field
	Steeleye Span			Rocket Cottage
	Richard Thompson		(Guitar, Vocal)

1977	Albion				The Prospect Before Us
	Fairport Convention		Bonny Bunch Of Roses
	Steeleye Span			Storm Force Ten
	John Martyn			One World
1978	Albion				Rise Up Like The Sun
	Fairport Convention		Tippler's Tales
	Maddy Prior			Woman In The Wings
	Maddy Prior			Changing Winds
	Richard and Linda Thompson	First Light

1979	Fairport Convention		Farewell, Fairwell
	Fairport Convention		Encore Encore
	Richard and Linda Thompson	Sunnyvista

1980	Albion				Lark Rise To Candleford
	Steeleye Span			Sails Of Silver
	John Martyn			Grace and Danger
1981	Maddy Prior			Happy Families
	Dave Swarbrick			Smiddyburn
	Richard Thompson		Strict Tempo!

1982	K Bush				The Dreaming
	Richard and Linda Thompson	Shoot Out The Lights

1983	Albion				Shuffle Off
	Richard Thompson		Hand Of Kindness

1984	Pogues				Red Roses For Me
	Richard Thompson		Small Town Romance

1985	Pogues				Rum, Sodomy and The Lash
	Richard Thompson		Across A Crowded Room

1986	Fairport Convention		Gladys' Leap
	Fairport Convention		Expletive Delighted
	Steeleye Span			Back In Line
	Richard Thomspon		Daring Adventures

1987	Albion				Stella Maris
	Pogues				If I Should Fall From Grace With God

1988	Capercaillie			The Blood Is Strong
	Richard Thompson		Amnesia

1989	Capercaillie			SideWaulk
	Fairport Convention		Red And Gold
	Steeleye Span			Temped And Tried

1990	Fairport Convention		Five Seasons

1991	Capercaillie			Delirium
	Richard Thompson		Rumour and Sigh
	Richard Thompson		Invisible Means

1992	Capercaillie			Get Out
	Capercaillie			A Prince Among Islands

1993	Richard Thompson		Watching The Dark
	Capercaillie			Secret People
1994	Page and Plant			Unledded/No Quarter
	Richard Thompson		Mirror Blue
	Richard Thompson		Two Letter Words: Live

1995	Capercaillie			Glenfinnan (Songs of The '45)
	Capercaillie			To The Moon
	Fairport Convention		Jewel In The Crown
	Steeleye Span			Time

1996	Fairport Convention		Old New Borrowed Blue
	Richard Thompson		You? Me? Us?

1997	Martyn Bennett			Bothy Culture	
	Capercaillie			Beautiful Wasteland
	Fairport Convention		Who Knows Where The Time Goes?
1998	Page and Plant			Walking Into Clerksdale
	P Pickett & Thompson		The Bones Of All Men

1999	Capercaillie			Dawn Till Dusk
	Steeleye Span			Horkstow Grange
	Richard Thompson		Mock Tudor
	Maddy Prior			Ravenchild

2000	Capercaillie			Nądurra
	Fairport Convention		The Wood and The Wire
	Fairport Convention		Wishfulness Waltz
	Steeleye Span			Bedlam Born
	Maddy Prior			Ballads and Candles

2001	Maddy Prior			Arthur The King
	Linda Thompson			Give Me A Sad Song

2002	Fairport Convention		XXXV
	Maddy Prior			Bib and Tuck
	Sinead O'Connor			Sean-Nos Nua
2003	Capercaillie			Choice Language
	Maddy Prior			Lionheart
	Linda Thompson			Fashionably Late
	Richard Thompson		The Old Kit Bag

2004	Steeleye Span			They Called Her Babylon
	Steeleye Span			Winter
2005	Eliza Carthy			Rough Justice
	Robert Plant			Mighty Rearranger
2006	Various artists			Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys

2007	Various artists			The Imagined Village
	Various artists			Song of America

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