John McGettigan and His Irish Minstrels

Irish-American band.

(John McGettigan was born in 1882 in Glenree, Co Donegal. 
Emigrated to New York in 1907)

Anthology - James Morrison, Patsy Touhey, John McGettigan et al.

Title.year.Label. No
Farewell To Ireland (4 CDs)(*)2005ProperPROPERBOX 3

(* 7 tracks:
CD1 track 11 - The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door (song)
CD2 track 15 - Martha, The Flower Of Sweet Strabane (song)
CD3 track 1 - Rare Old Irish Whiskey (song)
CD3 track 2 - Fisher's/ The Cliff (hornpipes)
CD3 track 3 - Maggie In The Woods/ Spanish Ladies/ Rose Tree (polkas)
CD3 track 4 - Lovely Molly (song)
CD4 track 11 - Me Husband's Flannel Shirt (Song)

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