Susana Seivane(solo)"Susana Seivane" (1999)
Hevia(solo)"Tierra De Nadie"(1998)
Carlos Nunez(solo)guest on "Santiago" by Chieftains
Leo Rowsome (1907 - 1970)(solo)"Classics of Irish Piping"
Willie Clancy (1918-1973)(solo)"The Minstrel From Clare"
Seamus Ennis (1919-1982)(solo)"Forty Years Of Irish Piping"
Dougie PincockBattlefield Band"Anthem For The Common Man" (1984)+ many others
Liam O'Flynn (b 1950)Planxty"Planxty" (1973) + others
Liam O'Flynn(solo)"Out To An Other Side" (1993) + others
Davy Spillane (b 1959)Moving Hearts"Moving Hearts" (1981) + others
Kathryn Tickell (b 1967)(solo)"On Kielder Side" (1984)
Iain MacDonaldOssian"The Best Of Ossian"(1994)
Alistair AndersonHigh Level Ranters"The Bonnie Pit Laddie"(1975) + others
Stevie SaintWolfstone"The Half Tail" (1996) + others
Paul James & John SwayneBlowzabella"Wall of Sound" + others
Rab WallaceWhistlebinkies"A Wanton Fling"
Ronan BrowneAfro-Celt Sound System"Vol 2 - Release" (2001) + others
David Power(solo)"My Love Is In America" (2005)
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