Box Players


Joe Burke and Charlie Lennon Traditional Music of Ireland 1973  
Jackie Daly and Seamus CreaghJackie Daly and Seamus Creagh 1977  
Joe BurkeHappy to Meet Sorry to Part1986  
Phil CunninghamThe Palomino Waltz1994  
Aly Bain and Phil CunninghamThe Pearl1995  
Johnny ConnollyDriobball Na Fainleoige 1998  
Simon CareThe Box Set: An Anthology 2002  
John KirkpatrickCarolling and Crumpets2006  
Tim van EykenStill Lovers Holymen Thieves2006  
John KirkpatrickMake No Bones 2007  
Andy CuttingAndy Cutting 2010  

Last updated on 08/02/2011