Early Traditional Instrumentalists

Scott Skinner (1843-1927)1908The Music Of Scott Skinner
Peter Wyper (b 1861)1903 various singles
Patrick J. "Patsy" Touhey (1865 - 1923)1918Farewell To Ireland (anth)
John J Kimmel (1866-1942)1907-29Early Recordings of Irish Traditional Music
William Kimber (1872 - 1961)c 1946Absolutely Classic
Stephen Baldwin (early 1870s - after 1954)c 1954Stephen Baldwin, English Village Fiddler
Elizabeth Crotty (1885 - 1960) ?Concertina Music from West Clare
Lewis 'Scan' Tester (1886 - 1972) ?Boscastle Breakdown
James Morrison (1893-1947) 1921-36The Professor
Michael Coleman (1891-1945) Classic Recordings
Neil Nolan (b 1890s) (Canadian)1920-30Ballinasloe Fair
John Doherty (1895 - 1980) 1964Pedlar's Pack
Ed Reavy (1898 - 1988)?The Music of Ed Reavy
Billy Bennington (1900 - 1986) ?The Barford Angel
Billy Pigg (1902 - 1968)1958The Border Minstrel
Leo Rowsome (1903-1970)1920s-1944Classics of Irish Piping
Hugh Gillespie (1906-1986)1937-39Classic Recordings of Irish Traditional Fiddle Music
Johnny Doran (1907-1950)1947The Bunch of Keys
Tom Anderson (1910 - 1991) 1976The Silver Bow: Shetland Folk Fiddling Vol 1
Seamus Ennis (1912-1982)1959The Bunch Of Roses
Felix Doran (c 1915 - 1972)1965The Fox Chase
Micho Russell (c 1915 - 1994)?Ireland's Whistling Ambassador
Bob Cann (1916 - 1990)1975English Country Melodeon
Willie Clancy (1918-1973)1964The Minstrel From Clare
Paddy Canny (1919 - 2008)  Traditional Music From the Legendary East Clare Fiddle
Joe Cooley (1924 - 1973)1962 - 73Cooley
Johnny O'Leary (1924 - 2004)1999An Calmfhear: The Trooper
Andy McGann (1928 - 2004) (USA) 1966A Tribute to Michael Coleman

Lesser Performers.

Frank Quinn (1893 - ?)1921 - 36Irish Dance Music (anth)
Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band1926 - 34Farewell to Ireland (anth)
Michael J Cashin 1928Irish Dance Music (anth)
Michael Hanafin (1880 - 1970)1920 - 30Ballinasloe Fair (anth)
Tom Morrison (b c 1888)1927Irish Dance Music (anth)
John McKenna (b 1880)c 1954Irish Dance Music (anth)
K. Scanlon (pseudonym?)1929Irish Dance Music (anth)
Michael Grogan (1880s - 1959)1931 - 1946Irish Dance Music (anth)
Joe Flanagan (b 1890s)1921 - 1933Irish Dance Music (anth)
The Four Provinces Orchestra1924 - 1928Irish Dance Music (anth)
Erin's Pride Orchestra1948Irish Dance Music (anth)
Frank Murphy (b 1890s)1920-30Ballinasloe Fair (anth)
John Sheridan (1899 - 1943)1920-30Ballinasloe Fair (anth)
Packie Dolan (1904 - 1932)1920-30Ballinasloe Fair (anth)
Dave Page (b 1906)1931Irish Dance Music (anth)


Irish Dance Music1995TopicTSCD602
Ballinasloe Fair1998Traditional CrossroadCD 4284
Hidden English (*)2003TopicTSCD600
Farewell To Ireland (4 CDs) (*)2005ProperProperbox 3

(* mostly singers.)

Irish Dance Music - Edited by Reg Hall. Running time 73 minutes 13 seconds. Recordings dated 1922 to 1948. Issued 1995. The recordings are transfers from 78's on the following labels: Victor, Columbia, Vocalion, Parlophone, Diva, Regal, Regal Zonophone, Decca, Shamrock, Zonophone and HMV. Some tracks have additional sounds of dancers and diddling. All tracks are instrumentals.



1. The Westport Chorus Frank Quinn (fiddle, lilting and shouting), P Crowley (button accordeon). Recorded in New York, 21st October 1926. Traditional
2. Jigs: Ginger's Favourite/ Bogs of Allen Michael J Cashlin (fiddle), Tom Doyle (flute), unknown pianist. Recorded in Chicago 13 July 1928. Traditional 
3. Sweet Flowers of Milltown/ The Boys of Knock - Schottisch Tom Morrison (flute) Jack Reynolds (tambourine). Recorded in New York c July 1927 Traditional
4. O'Dowd's Favourite (reel)/ The Star of Munster Michael Coleman (fiddle), John Muller (piano). Recorded in New York c April 1922. John O'Dowd/ Traditional
5. Jigs: Ah! Surely/ The Maid on the Green Batt Henry's Traditional 
Quartet Orchestra [Batt Henry (fiddle), unidentified fiddler,Jakes Cawley (flute), possibly Willie Mulligan (flute) unidentified piano]. Recorded in Jury's Hotel, Dublin, c 9th July 1930
6. Reels: Maids of Galway/ Over the Moor to Peggy John McKenna (flute), Michael Gaffney (tenor banjo), unidentified pianist. Recorded in New York, November 1925. Traditional
7. Medley of old time fiddling reels: Bonnie Kate/ Swallow's Tail/ Molly Branigan K Scanlon (fiddle), Mel Bernard (piano). Recorded in New York, 25th March 1929. Traditional
8.Hornpipes:  Off to California/ Dunphy's Hornpipe Michael Grogan (button accordeon). Recorded in Dublin 18th June 1931 Traditional
9. Reels: Drunken Tailor/ Teetotaler John Howard (fiddle), Michael Grogan (button accordeon). Recorded in Dublin 25th March 1946 Traditional
10. The Maid of Ballinatra (reel) George Halpin (fiddle), two unidentified women lilting, unidentified pianist. Recorded in New York, June or July 1927. Traditional
11. Jigs: Frieze Breeches/ The Cook in the Kitchen/ Lannigan's Ball  Joe Flanagan (button accordeon), Mike Flannagan (tenor banjo), Louis Flanagan (harp-guitar). Recorded in New York, 10th February 1923. Traditional
12. Reels: Scotch Mary/ The Ivy Leaf Joe Flanagan (button accordeon), unidentified fiddler, unidentified pianist, unidentified lilting. Recorded in New York c 1st October 1925. Traditional
13. Polkas: Babes in the Wood/ Moore's Favourite (The Rose Tree) McConnell's Four Leaf Shamrocks. Adam McConnell (fiddle), unidentified fiddler, cornet, piccolo, piano and drums. Recorded in New York, 25th October 1924 Traditional
14. The Pride of Ulster: Maggie Pickens/ Cameron's Wife John McGettigan (fiddle), John McCormach (or John Kennedy) fiddle, Thomas Jacob (piccolo), Sam Moore (button accordeon), Jimmy McDade (banjo), Ed Lee (piano). Recorded in New York, March 1928. Traditional
15. Hornpipes: Boys of Blue Hill/ Stack o' Wheat  Pat Roche's Harp and Shamrock Orchestra. [Jim Donnelly (fiddle), Jimmy McGreevy (fiddle), Pat McGovern (flute), Packey Walsh (button accordeon), Eleanor Kane (piano), Pat Richardson (drums), Pat Roche (stepdance).] Recorded in Chicago 25th October 1934. The first recording to be made by Decca. Traditional
16. Barn Dances: Stack of Oats/ Shannon Waves Erin's Pride Orchestra. [Tommy Cauldfield (fiddle), Ed Reavy (fiddle), Al Payne (tenor saxophone), Tony Pelzar (piano accordion), Jimmy McDade (banjo), Jimmy O'Brien (drums)]. Recorded in Philadelphia, 1948. Traditional
17. Jigs: Kitty's Rambles/ The Merry Old Woman/ The Humours of Ballinafad Frank Lee's Tara Ceilidh Band. [Frank Lee (piano), possibly Richie Tarrant (fiddle), possibly Paddy Tarrant (fiddle), probably Joe Hann (piccolo), possibly Bill Smith (drums). Recorded in Hayes, Middlesex, September 1932.  Traditional
18. Reels: The High Road to Galway/ The Groves Reel/ The Salamanca Reel Siamsa Gaedheal Ceilidhe Band [Tom Page (fiddle), Dave Page (uilleann pipes), unidentified fiddles, piccolo, piano and drums] Recorded in Dublin on 19th June 1931. Traditional
19. Carraroe Jig/ Lambert's Jig Ballinakill Traditional Dance Players [Jerry Moloney (fiddle), Tommy Whyte (fiddle), Stephen Moloney (flute), Tommy Whelan (flute), Anna Rafferty (piano). Recorded in St John;s Wood, London on 17th November 1931 Traditional
20. The Old Bush Reel Jerry Moloney (fiddle), Tommy Whyte (fiddle), Anna Rafferty (piano). Recorded at Jury's Hotel, Dublin, c 4th July 1930 Traditional
21. The First House in Connaught/ The Green Gate Moate Ceilidhe Band [Pepper Adamson (fiddle), Willie Jordan (fiddle), Mick Kincaid (fiddle), John Joe Gannon (button accordeon), Billy Donnelly (piano). Recorded in Dublin on 27th May 1945.  Traditional
22. Jigs: Mill Pond/ Mist on the Meadow Lough Gill Quartet [Sarah Hobbs (fiddle), Jakes Cawley (flute), Bill Harte (accordeon), Sonny Brogan (accordeon). Recorded in Dublin c February 1941. Traditional
23. Reels: Ash Plant/ The Merry Harriers/ The Hut in the Bog Belhaven Trio [Joe Liddy (fiddle), Ned O'Gorman (uilleann pipes chanter), Tommy Liddy (button accordeon)] Recorded at Jury's Hotel, Dublin on 14th May 1938 Traditional
24. Reels: Lasses of Carracastle/ Maid of Mount Kisco/ St Ruth's Bush Kincora Ceilidhe Band [Kathleen Harrington (fiddle), Pat O'Brien (fiddle), Mick Loughman (fiddle), John Brennan (flute), John Egan (flute), Kathleen O'Connor (piano). Recorded in Dublin on 28thMay 1945. Trad/ Paddy Killoran/ Trad

Hidden English - a celebration of English traditional music. Running time 69 minutes 21 seconds. Recordings dated 1908 to 1987. Issued 2003. Compiled by John Howson, Ian Anderson and Tony Engle. Most of the recordings are from the Topic catalogue. Only the instrumental tracks are shown here.  



3. Red Wing Polka (instr) Walter Bulwer (fiddle), Billy Cooper (dulcimer), Reg Hall (melodeon), Daisy Bulwer (piano), Mervyn Plunkett (snare drum), Russell Wortley (pipe-and-tabor). Rec by Bill Leader 1962 Traditional
5. Getting Upstairs/ Blue-Eyed Stranger (instr) William Kimber (anglo-german concertina). Rec 1946 Traditional 
8. The Pony Trot Polka (instr) Billy Bennington. Rec by Mike Yates and John Howson 1985 or 87 Traditional
10. The Morpeth Rant (instr) Billy Pigg. Rec by Bill Leader in the 1960s Traditional
13. Jenny Lind Polka (instr) Scan Tester (anglo-concertina), Reg Hall (melodeon), Daisy Sherlock (piano). Rec by Reg Hall and Peter Grant 1960 Traditional
16. Oh, Joe the Boat is Going Over (instr) Oscar Woods (melodeon). Rec by Tony Engle 1973 Traditional
19. Boscastle Breakdown (instr) Tintagel and Boscastle Players. Rec by Richard Dimbleby 1943 Traditional
21. Two Step (instr) Eely Whent (fiddle). Rec by Keith Summers 1978 Traditional
24. Hot Punch/ Uncle's Jig (instr) Bob Cann (melodeon). Rec by Tony Engle 1975 Traditional

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