Early Traditional Singers


Joseph Taylor (1832 - after 1908)1908Unto Brigg Fair
Phil Tanner (1862 - 1950)c 1936The Gower Nightingale
John Strachan (1875 - 1958)1951Songs From Aberdeenshire
Sam Larner (1878 - 1965)1960Now Is The Time For Fishing
Robert Cinnamond (1884 - 1968) 1955You Rambling Boys of Pleasure
Harry Cox (1885 - 1971) What Will Become of England?
George Dunn (1887 - 1975)2002 (1970-75)Chainmaker
Willie Kemp (1889 - 1965)c 1938The Tinkler's Wedding
Bob Hart (1892 - 1978)1998A Broadside
Jimmy McBeath (1894 - 1974) Tramps and  Hawkers
William "Jumbo" Brightwell (b 1900)1947Songs From the Eel's Foot
Sarah Makem (1900 - 1983)1955The Lark in the Morning
Eddie Butcher (1900 - 1980)1969 Adam in Paradise
Davie Stewart (1901 - 1971)1954/55/62Davie Stewart
Lucy Stewart (1901 - 1982)1961Traditional singer From Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Vol 1 - Child Ballads
May Bradley (1902 - 1974)2010 Sweet Swansea
Tom Lenihan (b 1905)1978Paddy's Panacea: Songs Traditional in West Clare
John MacDonald (b 1905)1974 The Singing Molecatcher
Jeannie Robertson (1908 - 1975)1953The Queen Among The Heather
Cyril Poacher (1910 - 1999)  Plenty of Thyme
Copper Family (born 1912 - 1915) Coppersongs
Willie Clark (b 1912)?Bothy Greats
Daisy Chapman (1912 - 1997)?Ythanside
Phoebe Smith (b 1913)1956/62I Am A Romany
Walter Pardon (1914 - 1996) A World Without Horses
Jane Turriff (born 1915)1955-1995Singin is My Life
Micho Russell (1915 - 1994) Ireland's Whistling Ambassador
Bob Copper (1915 - 2004)1995When The May Is All In Bloom
Margaret Barry (1917 - 1989/90)1958Her Mantle So Green
Packie Byrne (b 1917)1998From Donegal and Back
Joe Heaney (1919-1984) Irish Traditional Songs In Gaelic and English
Paddy Tunney (1921 - 2002)1955The Lark in the Morning
Fred Jordan (1922 - 2002)1966Songs of a Shropshire Farm Worker
Jock Duncan (b 1925)2001 Tae the Green Woods Gaen
Nioclas Toibin (1928 - 1999) Rian na nGael
Maggy Murphy (b c 1932)1952 - 1996Linkin o'er the Laa
various singers1930s and 40sGood Order!
various singers1908 - 1987Hidden English

Anthologies - The Voice Of The People (issued 1988).

Album title.Label.Number.
Songs of Courtship & MarriageTopicTSCD651
Songs of Tempest & Sea BattlesTopicTSCD652
Tragic BalladsTopicTSCD653
Songs of Exile & EmigrationTopicTSCD654
The Life of Rural Working Men & WomenTopicTSCD655
Ballads of True & False LoversTopicTSCD656
Rural Fun & FrolicsTopicTSCD657
Local Events & National IssuesTopicTSCD658
Dance Music of the South of EnglandTopicTSCD659
Songs of Love & Amorous EncountersTopicTSCD660
Music of English & Welsh Travelers & GypsiesTopicTSCD661
Jackie Tar At Sea & On ShoreTopicTSCD662
The Joys & Curse of DrinkTopicTSCD663
Dance Tunes & DittiesTopicTSCD664
Songs of Love, Courtship & MarriageTopicTSCD665
Songs & Dance Tunes of Seasonal EventsTopicTSCD666
Songs of Hunting and PoachingTopicTSCD668
Dance Music of the North of EnglandTopicTSCD669
Working Men & Women in SongTopicTSCD670

Anthologies - Scottish Tradition.

Scottish Tradition 1 - Bothy Ballads: Music From the North-EastGreentrax 
Scottish Tradition 2 - Music From the Western Isles  
Scottish Tradition 3 - Waulking Songs from Barra  
Scottish Tradition 5 - The Muckle Sangs: Classic Scots BalladsGreentrax 
Scottish Tradition 6 - Gaelic Psalms from Lewis  
Scottish Tradition 16 -Gaelic Bards and Minstrels  


The Lark in the Morning1955TraditionTCD1001
The Folk Songs of Britain vol 4. The Child Ballads 1 (*)1961Caedmon 
When The May Is All In Bloom1995  
Hidden English2003TopicRSCD600
Good Order! The Eel's Foot  (1939 - 47)c 2003VeteranVT140CD

(* reissued on Topic 1966)

Album tracks.

Hidden English - a celebration of English traditional music. Running time 69 minutes 21 seconds. Recordings dated 1908 to 1987. Issued 2003.Compiled by John Howson, Ian Anderson and Tony Engle. Most of the recordings are from the Topic catalogue.  



1. Brigg FairJoseph Taylor. Rec by Percy Grainger 1908Traditional
2. The Sweet PrimerosesBob and Ron Copper. Rec by Peter Kennedy 1955Traditional
3. Red Wing Polka (instr)Walter Bulwer (fiddle), Billy Cooper (dulcimer), Reg Hall (melodeon), Daisy Bulwer (piano), Mervyn Plunkett (snare drum), Russell Wortley (pipe-and-tabor). Rec by Bill Leader 1962Traditional
4. Broomfield HillWalter Pardon. Rec by Mike Yates 1982Traditional
5. Getting Upstairs/ Blue-Eyed Stranger (instr)William Kimber (anglo-german concertina). Rec 1946Traditional 
6. Hopping Down in KentLouise Fuller. Rec by Mike Yates 1972 or 75Traditional
7. Polly On The ShoreGeorge 'Pop' Maynard. Rec by Peter Kennedy 1956Traditional
8. The Pony Trot Polka (instr)Billy Bennington. Rec by Mike Yates and John Howson 1985 or 87Traditional
9. The Nutting GirlCyril Poacher. Rec by Tony Engle 1974Traditional
10. The Morpeth Rant (instr)Billy Pigg. Rec by Bill Leader in the 1960sTraditional
11. Higher GermanyPhoebe Smith. Rec Frank Purslow. 1969Traditional
12. Died For LoveJasper Smith. Rec by Mike Yates 1975 or 76Traditional
13. Jenny Lind Polka (instr)Scan Tester (anglo-concertina), Reg Hall (melodeon), Daisy Sherlock (piano). Rec by Reg Hall and Peter Grant 1960Traditional
14. AustraliaBob Hart. Rec by Tony Engle 1972Traditional
15. The Golden VanityJohnny Doughty. Rec Mike Yates 1976Traditional
16. Oh, Joe the Boat is Going Over (instr)Oscar Woods (melodeon). Rec by Tony Engle 1973Traditional
17. The Maid of AustraliaHarry Cox. Rec by Leslie Shephard 1965Traditional
18. The Outlandish KnightFred Jordan. Rec by Tony Foxworthy 1974Traditional
19. Boscastle Breakdown (instr)Tintagel and Boscastle Players. Rec by Richard Dimbleby 1943Traditional
20. While Gamekeepers Lie SleepingTom Willett. Rec by Bill Leader and Paul Carter 1962Traditional
21. Two Step (instr)Eely Whent (fiddle). Rec by Keith Summers 1978Traditional
22. The Candlelight FishermanBob Roberts. Rec by Tony Engle 1977Traditional
23. The Bold Princess RoyalSam Larner. Rec by Philip Donnellan 1958 or 59Traditional
24. Hot Punch/ Uncle's Jig (instr)Bob Cann (melodeon). Rec by Tony Engle 1975Traditional
25. Lord BatemanJoseph Taylor. Rec by Percy Grainger 1908Traditional

The Folk Songs of Britain vol 4. The Child Ballads 1.  Issued 1960.  



1. The Elfin Knight [An Acre of Land/ Strawberry Lane](a) Bob and Ron Copper, Rottingdean, Sussex (b) Thomas Moran, Mohill, Co LeitrimTraditional
2. The False Knight on the RoadFrank Quinn, Coalisland, Co TyroneTraditional
3. Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight [The Outlandish Knight]Fred Jordan, Aston Munslow, SalopTraditional
4. The Twa Sisters (Binnorie)John Strachan, Fyvie, AberdeenshireTraditional
5. Lord Randall [Lord Donald, My Son](a) Jeannie Robertson, Aberdeenshire (b) Elizabeth Cronin, Macroon, Co Cork (c) Thomas Moran, Mohill, Co Leitrim (d) Colm McDonagh, Carna, Galway (e), Eirlys and Eddis Thomas, Glamorgan, South WalesTraditional 
6. Edward [My Son David](a) Jeannie Robertson, Aberdeen (b) Paddy Tunney, Beleek, Co Fermanagh (c) Angela Brasil, KentTraditional
7. King OrfeoJohn Stickle, Lerwick, ShetlandTraditional
8. The Cruel MotherThomas Moran, Mohill, Co LeitrimTraditional
9. The Broomfield WagerCyril Poacher, Blaxhall, SuffolkTraditional
10. Captain Wedderburn's CourtshipSeamus Ennis, DublinTraditional
11. The Twa BrothersLucy Stewart, Fetterangus, AberdeenshireTraditional
12. Lord Bateman (Young Beichan)(a) Thomas Moran, Mohill, Co. Leitrim (b) Jeannie Robertson, AberdeenTraditional
13. Lord Thomas and Fair EllenJessie Murray, Buckie, BanffshireTraditional
14. Lord LovelMrs Ethel Findlater, Doundby, OrkneyTraditional
15. Lord Gregory (The Lass of Roch Roy)Elizabeth Cronin, Macroon, Co CorkTraditional
16. Barbara Allen(a) Jessie Murray, Buckie, Banffshire (b) Fred Jordan, Aston Munslow, Salop (c) Charlie Wills, near Bridport, Dorset (d) May Bennell, Amersham, Bucks (e) Thomas Moran, Mohill, Co Leitrim (f) Phil Tanner, Gower, South WalesTraditional
17. George CollinsEnos White, Axford, HantsTraditional
18. The Prickelly Bush (The Maid Freed from the Gallows)Julia Scaddon, Chideock, DorsetTraditional

The Folk Songs of Britain vol 5. The Child Ballads 2.  Issued 1960.  

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