English Instrumental Bands

Recommended albums.

High Level Ranters1975The Bonnie Pit Laddie
Old Swan Band1976 No Reels
Blowzabella1986Wall Of Sound
Posh Band1993English
House Band1996Rockall
Brass Monkey2001Going and Staying
Kathryn Tickell Band2000Ensemble Mystical
Burlesdon Village Band2001Straight from the fingers
Spiers & Boden2003Bellow
Old Swan Band2004Swan-Upmanship
Brass Monkey2004Flame of Fire
Spiers & Boden2005Tunes
Dr Faustus2005 Wager
Dr Faustus2008 Faustus
Belshazzar's Feast2010 Find The Lady

Last updated on 25/11/2010