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A Collection of Diverting Song, Ipigrams, etc. ed by Anon. [London]. [1737 - 1738].

A Collection of Old Ballads, Corrected from the best and most Ancient Copies Extant, with Introductions Historical Critical or Humorous. 3 Vols. ed by Anon. [London. J Roberts]  [1723 - 1725]

A Collection of Diverting Song, Ipigrams, etc.
ed by Anon. [London]. [1737 - 1738]

The British Minstrel.
3 Vols. ed by Anon. [Glasgow, U.K. William Hamilton, S.J. Machen and Simkin, Marshall & Co.] [1844 - 1845]

Old English Ballads 1553 - 1625: Chiefly from Manuscript. ed by Hyder E Rollins. [Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.] [1920].


Allan, Thomas, ed. Allan's Illustrated Edition of Tyneside Songs and Readings. (1) 1st edition [1872]. (2) Revised edition [Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Thomas and George Allen] [1891]. (3) Reprinted with an introduction by Dave Harker [Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Frank Graham] [1972]

Allingham, William, ed. The Ballad Book: A Selection of the Choicest British Ballads. [London: Macmillan] [1864]

Axon, William E. A.,ed. Folk Songs and Folk-Speech of Lancashire. [Manchester, U.K.: Tubbs & Brook, n.d.] [1871, reissued 1887]


Bantock, Granville Ransome., ed. One hundred songs of England. (31 of them were traditional) [c 1914].

Baring-Gould, Sabine., ed. English minstrelsie; a national monument of song. [1926].

Baring-Gould, Sabine. and Sharp, Cecil J., ed. English Folk-Songs For Schools. [London: Curwen] [1906].

Baring-Gould, Sabine. and Fleetwood Sheppard, H., ed. Songs and Ballads of the West. 4 Parts. [London: Metheun; Patey & Willis] [1889-92].

Baring-Gould, Sabine., Fleetwood Sheppard, H., and Bussell F.W., ed. Folk songs of Devon & Cornwall, Collected From The mouths Of The People. [new and rev. edn. under the musical editorship of Cecil J. Sharp (3rd ed)]. [London: Metheun] [1905].

Bell, John, ed. Rhymes of Northern Bards. (1) [Newcastle-upon-Tyne, U.K.: Bell and Angus] [1812]. (2) Reprinted, [Newcastle-upon-Tyne, U.K.: Frank Graham] [1971]

Bell, Robert, ed. Ancient Poems, Ballads and Songs of the Peasantry of England. [London: John Parker and Sons] [1857]

Bell, Robert, ed. Early Ballads Illustrative of History of History, Traditions and Customs. [London: John Parker and Sons] [1856]

Bell, Robert, ed. Songs From the Dramatists. [London. John Parker and Sons] [1854]

Bradley, S.A.J., eds. Sixty Ribald Songs from Pills To Purge Melancholy. [Andre Deutsch] [1968]

Broadwood, Lucy E and Fuller Maitland, J., eds. English Country Songs: Words and Music. [London. Leadenhall Press; J.B. Cramer; Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent] [1893]

Broadwood, Lucy E., ed. English Traditional Songs and Carols. [London. Boosey and Co] [1908]

Bronson, Bertrand Harris., ed. The Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads, With Their Texts. 4 Vols.. [Princeton: Princeton University Press] [1959-72]

Bronson, Bertrand Harris., ed. The Singing Tradition of Child's Popular Ballads.. [Princeton: Princeton University Press] [1976] (299 songs with tunes)

Bruce, J. Collingwood, and Stokoe, John, eds. Northumbrian Minstrelsy: A Collection Of Then Ballads, Melodies, And Small-Pipe Tunes Of Northumbria. (1) [Newcastle-Upon-Tyne] [1982] (2) Reprint [Fainbach;Llanrech] [1998]

Buchan, Peter, ed. Ancient Ballads and Songs of the North of Scotland, 2 Vols [Edinburgh: Laing & Stevenson] [1828]

Buchan, Robert, ed. Gleanings of Scotch, Irish and English, Scarce Old Ballads. [Peterhead, UK: Buchan] [1825]

Bunting, Edward, ed. General Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland. [1796]


Campbell, O. D. and C. J. Sharp, English folk songs from the southern Appalachians. (1) [Putnam] [1917]. (2) 2nd edition (enlarged) [1966]

Chambers, Robert, The Popular Rhymes of Scotland. [Edinburgh, Hunter & Smith] [1826]

Chambers, Robert, The Scottish Ballads. [Edinburgh: William Tate] [1829].

Chambers, Robert, Twelve Romantic Scottish Ballads with the Original Airs. [Edinburgh: W & R Chambers] [1844].

Chappell, William, Old English popular music [Chappell and co] [1893].

Chappell, William, Popular Music Of The Olden Time: A Collection Of Ancient Songs, Ballads, And Dance Tunes, Illustrative Of The National Music Of England. 2 Vols (1) [London: Cramer, Beale and Chappell] [1855-59]. (2) Reprinted [New York: Dover] [1965]

Chappell, William, and Ebsworth, J. Woodfall, eds The Roxburghe Ballads. 9 vols [London: Hertford: Ballad Society] [1869-97].

Child, Francis James, Bishop Percy's Folio Manuscript. [The Nation, 5] [29th August 1867, pages 166-167].

Child, Francis James, ed. English and Scottish Ballads, 8 vols. (1) [Boston Massachusetts, Little Brown and Co] [1857 - 1859]. (2) 2nd edition. [1860]. (3) 3rd edition. [1866]

Child, Francis James, ed. English and Scottish Popular Ballads, 10 parts in 5 volumes. (1) [Boston Massachusetts, Houghton, Mifflin and Co] [1882 - 1898]. (2) Reprinted. [New York, Dover]. [1865].

Child, Francis James, Letter to Professor Svend Grundtvig, (1) [25th August 1872]. (2) Reprinted in Appendix A of Sigurd B. Hustvedt, Ballad Books and Ballad Men:Raids and Rescues in Britain, and the Scandinavian North since 1800. [Cambridge Massachusetts, Harvard University Press] [1930].

Coffin, Tristram P., ed. The British Traditional Ballad in North America. [Philadelphia: Publications of the American Folk-lore Society][1950].

Cohn, Norm., ed. Long Steel Rail: The Railroad in American Folksong. 2nd Edition [University of Illinois Press] [2000].

Cole, William., ed. Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. [Warner Bros] [1996].

Coleman, Herbert L. Coleman, ed. Ballads and Broadsides chiefly of the Elizabethan Period and Printed in Black-Letter. (1) [Britwell Court, Buckinghamshire, UK.: The Roxburghe Club][1912]. (2) Reprinted, [N.Y.: Burt Franklin] [n.d.].

Cooper, Pete, ed. English Fiddle Tunes: For Violin. A Collection of 99 English Traditional Fiddle Tunes. [Scott Music Ltd] [2006].

Cooper, Pete, ed. Mel Bay's complete Irish Folk Fiddler. [Mel Bay Publications] [1998].


Duncan, Edmondstone, ed. The Minstrelsy of England. 2 Vols [1905-09].


Ebsworth, Joseph Woodfall, ed. The Amanda Group of Bagford Poems. [UK.: The Ballad Society] [1880].

Ebsworth, Joseph Woodfall, ed. The Bagford Ballads. 2 Vols [Hertford, UK.: The Ballad Society] [1876 - 1878].

Ebsworth, Joseph Woodfall, ed. Choyse Drollery: Songs and Sonnets, being a Collection of Divers Excellent Pieces of Poetry . Of Several Eminent Authors, to which are added the extra songs of Merry Drollery , 1661, and an Antidote Against Melancholy, 1661. [Boston, U.K.: Robert Roberts] [1875].

Ebsworth, Joseph Woodfall, ed. Merry Drollery Compleat, being Jovial Poems, Merry songs, both parts, 1661, 1670, 1691. [Boston, UK.: The Ballad Society] [1875].

Ebsworth, Joseph Woodfall, ed. Westminster Drolleries, both parts, of 1671, 1672, being a Choice Collection of Songs and Poems sung at Court & Theatres. [Boston, UK.: The Ballad Society] [1875].


Fairholt, Frederick W. ed. The Civic Garland: A Collection of Songs from London Pageants. [London: Percy Society] [1845]

Farnsworth, Charles Hubert and Cecil James Sharp. eds. Folk-songs, chanteys and singing games. [no date]

Finlay, John, ed. Scottish Historical and Romantic ballads, Chiefly Ancient. [Edinburgh: J Ballantyne for J Smith and Son, Glasgow] [1808]

Forbes, Bronwen, ed. Make Merry in Step and Song: A Seasonal Treasury of Music, Mummer's Plays and Celebrations in ther English Folk Tradition. [Llewellyn Publications U.S.] [2009]

Fraser, Captain Simon, ed. The Simon Fraser Collection: the airs and Melodies Peculiar to the Highland of Scotland and the Isles. [Scott's Highland Services] [2002]

Friedman, Albert B. ed. The Viking Book of Folk Ballads of the English-Speaking World. [New York: Viking] [1950]


Gardham, Steve, ed. An East Riding Songster. [Lincolnshire and Humberside Arts] [1982] (32 songs with tunes)

Greig, Gavin ed. Last Leaves of Traditional Ballads and Ballad Airs. [1925]

Grundtvig, Sven, Axel Olrik, et al eds. Danmarks gamle Folkviser, 12 vols. [Kjoberhavn, Denmark.: Samfundet til den danske literaturs fremme] [1853 - 1976]


Haigh, Chris, ed. The Fiddle Handbook. [Backbeat Books.] [2009].

Halliwell, James Orchard, coll. The Euing Collection of English Broadside Ballads. [Glasgow, U.K.: University of Glasgow Press.] [1971] edited by David Murray, Macneile Dixon, W.R. Cunningham and Douglas Jackson. Introduction by John Holloway.

Halliwell, James Orchard, ed. Ballads and Poems respecting Hugh of Lincoln. [Brixton Hill, U.K.:Halliwell.] [1849]..

Halliwell, James Orchard, ed. The Boke of Curtasye: an English Poem of the Fourteenth Century. [London, U.K.: Percy Society.] [1841]

Halliwell, James Orchard, ed. Catalogue of Proclamations, Broadsides, Ballads and Poems. [London, U.K.: Halliwell.] [1851]

Halliwell, James Orchard, ed. Descriptive Notices of Popular English Histories. [London, U.K.: Percy Society.] [1848]

Halliwell, James Orchard, ed. The Early Native Ballads of England. [London, U.K.: Percy Society.] [1841]

Halliwell, James Orchard, ed. The Loyal Garland: A Collection of Songs of the 17th Century. [London, U.K.: Percy Society.] [1850]

Halliwell, James Orchard, ed. The Norfolk Anthology: A collection of Poems, Ballads and Rare Tracts Relating to the County of Norfolk. [Brixton Hill, U.K.: Halliwell.] [1852]

Halliwell, James Orchard, ed. Nugae Poeticae: Select Pieces of Old English Popular Poetry, illustrating the manners and arts of the fifteenth century. [London, U.K.: John Russell Smith.] [1844]

Halliwell, James Orchard, ed. The Nursery Rhymes of England, collected principally from oral tradition. [London, U.K.: Percy Society.] [1842]

Halliwell, James Orchard, ed. Palatine Anthology: a Collection of Ancient Poems and Ballads Relating to Lancashire and Cheshire. [London, U.K.: Halliwell.] [1850]

Halliwell, James Orchard, ed. Palatine Garland, being a Selection of Ballads and Fragments Supplementary to the Palatine Anthology. [London, U.K.: Halliwell.] [1850]

Halliwell, James Orchard, ed. The History of John Winchcomb, usually called Jack of Newberry, the Famous Clothier, written by Thomas Deloney, A.D. 1597. Reprint of 9th edition, 1633. [London, U.K.: Halliwell and Richards.] [1859]

Halliwell, James Orchard, ed. Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales, a sequel to the Nursery Rhymes of England. [London, U.K.: John Russell Smith.] [1849]

Halliwell, James Orchard, ed. The Yorkshire Anthology. [London, U.K.: Halliwell.] [1851]

Hardie, Alastair J, ed. The Caledonian Companion. [Hardie Press.] [1992] ISBN:0786628278

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Hille, Waldemar, ed. Forward by Alan Lomax. Preface by Benjamin Albert Botkin. The People's Song Book. [New York: Boni and Gaer.] [1948].

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Hunter, James, ed. The Fiddle Music of Scotland [Hardie Music Press.][1988]. ISBN:078662826X


Jamieson, Robert, ed. Popular Ballads and Songs, From Tradition, Manuscripts and Scarce Editions. [London and Edinburgh: Constable] [1806]

Joyce, Patrick Weston, ed. Old Irish folk music and songs. (some in Gaelic) [Lonfmans] [1909]


Karpeles, Maud. ed., Eighty English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians. collected by Cecil sharp and Maud Karpeles. [Faber Music] [1968] (with tunes)

Karpeles, Maud. ed., Cecil Sharp's Collection of English Folk Songs. [London: Oxford University Press] [1974] (188 songs with tunes)

Karpeles, Maud. ed., Cecil Sharp's Collection of English Folk Songs, Vol 2. [London: Oxford University Press] [1974] (225 songs with tunes)

Kennedy, Peter, ed. Folk Songs of Britain and Ireland. (1) [1961] (2) [London: Oak Publications] [1984]

Kidson, Frank, ed. Traditional Tunes, a Collection of Ballad Airs, chiefly obtained in Yorkshire and the South of Scotland, together with their appropriate words from broadsides and from oral tradition. (1) [Oxford: Charles Taphouse & Son] [1891] (2) Reprint [East Ardsley, U.K.: S.R. Publishers] [1970]

Kidson, Frank and Alfred Moffat, eds. The Minstrelsy of England: a collection of 200 English songs with their melodies, popular from the 16th Century to the middle of the 18th century. [London: Bailey & Ferguson] [1901]

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Kinloch, George R, ed. Ancient Scottish Ballads, Recovered from Tradition, and Never Before Published. [London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green] [1827]

Kinloch, George R, ed. The Ballad Book. [Edinburgh: Kinloch] [1827]


Lilly, Joseph, et al, eds. A Collection of 79 Black Letter Ballads and Broadsheets printed in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. [London: Lilly] [1867]

Logan, W.H, ed. A Peddlar's Pack of Ballads and Songs, with Illustrative Notes. (1) [Edinburgh: William Patterson] [1869] (2) [[Detroit, Michigan: Singing Tree Press] [1968]

Lomax, Alan, ed. The Folk Songs of North America in the English Language. [London: Cassell and Company Ltd] [1960] (Melodies and guitar chords transcribed by Peggy Seeger, with one hundred piano arrangements by Mayas Seiber and Don Banks, Illustrated by Michael Leonard, Editorial Assistant Shirley Collins). (317 songs with tunes)

Lomax, Alan, ed. The Penguin book of American Folk Songs. (1) [Harmondsworth: Penguin Books Ltd] [1964] (111 songs with tunes)

Lomax, John A, and Alan Lomax, ed. American Ballads and Folk Songs. (1) [Dover Publications] [2009]


MacDonald, Keith Norman, ed. The Skye Collection of the Best Reels and Strathspeys. (1) [1887] (2) [Scott's Highland Services] [2002] ISBN: 07866651065

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Playford, John, ed. The English Dancing Master. [London: Playford] [1651]

Playford, John, ed. The Musical Companion, containing Catches, Ayres and Songs. (1) [Trinity, Ireland: Playford] [1669] (2) Enlarged 2-volume edition [Trinity, Ireland: Playford] [1672]

Playford, John, ed. Musick and Mirth, Presented in a Collection of Rounds or Catches for three Voyces. [London: Benson & Playford] [1651]

Purslow, Frank, ed. Marrow Bones: English Folk Songs from the Hammond and Gardiner Mss. (1) [EFDSS] [1965] (2) Revised by Malcolm Douglas and Steve Gardham. [2008] 15.95


Ramsay, Alan, ed. The Ever Green, being a Collection of Scots Poems Wrote by the Ingenious before 1600, 2 vols. [Edinburgh: Ramsay] [1724]

Ramsay, Alan, ed. The Tea-Table Miscellancy, or A Collection of Choice Songs, Scots and English, 4 vols. [Edinburgh: Ramsay] [1724 - 1732]. (2) Reprinted in 2 Vols. [Glasgow, UK: John Krum] [1871]

Reeves, James, ed. The Idiom of the People: English Traditional Verse From the Manuscripts of Cecil Sharp . [Faber and Faber] [2008].

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Sharp, Cecil James, ed. Folk-songs of England.  [c 1908-12]

Sharp, Cecil James, ed. English County Folk Songs. (1) 5 vols  [1908-12] (2) combined in 1 vol [1961] (collected by H.E.D. Hammond (Dorset), R Vaughan Williams (Eastern counties), George B Gardiner (Hampshire), Cecil Sharp (various counties), W Percy Merrick (Sussex)

Sharp, Cecil James, ed. One Hundred English folksongs.  [c 1916]

Sharp, Cecil James, ed. English Folk songs, Collected and Arranged with pianoforte accompaniment. (1) 2 vols [London: Novello] [1920] (2) combined in one volume [London: Novello] [1959] (3) reprinted [1960] (4) reprinted [1965] (volume 1 50 songs, volume 2 50 songs)

Shatwell, Robert., and Paul Sartin, ed. Hampshire Dance Tunes: Country Dance Tunes from the Pyle Family Manuscript, 1822 [Hobgoblin Books] [2006]

Sky, Patrick, ed. Ryan's Mammoth Collection: 1050 Reels and Jigs, Hornpipes, Clogs, Walk-Arounds, Essences, Strathspeys, Highland Flings, and Contra Dances, with Figures, and How to Play Them. [Mel Bay] [1998]

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Thomson, George,
ed. A Select Collection of Original Scottish of the Best Scotch Songs Airs for the Voice, 5 Vols. [Edinburgh: Thomson] [1802 - 1805] (Vols 1 - 4) [and 1818] (Vol 5)


Vaughan Williams, Ralph., and Lloyd, A. L.
ed. The Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs: From The Journal Of The English Folk Song Society And The Journal Of The English Folk Dance And Song Society. (1) [Harmondsworth: Penguin] [1959] (2) Reprinted as Classic English Folk Songs rev by Malcolm Douglas [London: English Folk Dance & Song Society in Association with the South Riding Folk Network] [2003]

Vaughan Williams, Ralph, ed. English Folk Songs (English Journeys)[Harmondsworth: Penguin] [2009]


Whall, W.B.,
ed. Sea Songs and Shanties. (1) [? USA] [1910] (2) [1927] (3) 6th Edition [1930]

Woolfe, Geoff, ed. William Winter's Quantocks Tunebook[Halsway Manor Society] [2007] (with CD of 32 tunes played by Robert Harbron, Miranda Rutter, Nancy Kerr and Tim van Eyken)

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