All About Eve

English rock/folk-rock band playing mainly their own compositions.


All About Eve1988 MercuryMERH 119
[Reissue] BGO5 017261 203540
Scarlet and Other Stories1989 Mercury838965 1
[Reissue] EMI Harvest0 7777 80058 2 7l
Touched By Jesus1991 Vertigo510461
Ultraviolet1992 MCAMCD 10712
Unplugged (aka Fairy Light nights Vol 1)2000  
Fairy Light Nights Vol 22001  
Live and Electric at the Union Chapel2001  
Return to Eden Vol 1(early recordings)2002  
Acoustic Night (*)2003  
(* Fairy Night Nights Vol 1 and 2 in a single package)


The Best of All About Eve1999  
Winter Words, Hits and Rarities2004 Mercury 
Sixty Minutes With2007Voiceprint 

Side Project - Julianne Regan and Mice.

Album title. year Label. Number.
New and Improved (*) 2001 Jam Tart?
(* Recorded 1996)


Title. year. Label.
In the Clouds1987 Mercury
Wild Hearted Woman1988 Mercury
Every Angel1988 Mercury
Martha's Harbour 1988Mercury
What Kind of Fool1988 Mercury
December1989 Mercury
Scarlet1989 Mercury
Farewell Mr Sorrow1991 Mercury
Strange Way1991 Vertigo
The Dreamer1991 Vertigo
Phased (EP)1992 Vertigo
Some Finer Day1992 MCA
Let Me Go Home2004 Voiceprint


Title year. Label.
Cinemasonic Filmed Live and Electric (*)2003 Jam Tart 
Live in Bonn 19912009  
(* Live concert 2001)

Hit Singles.

Title. year. Highest position.
In the Clouds1987 47
Wild Hearted Woman1988 33
Every Angel1988 30
Martha's Harbour 198810
What Kind of Fool1988 29
December1989 34
Scarlet1989 34
Farewell Mr Sorrow1991 36
Strange Way1991 50
The Dreamer1991 41
Phased (EP)1992 38
Some Finer Day1992 57
Let Me Go Home2004 52

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