Blyth Power

North-East England folk-rock band.


Wicked Women Wicked Men and Wicket Keepers1986   
The Barman and Other Stories1988 MidnightCHIME 00.36 S  
Pont Au-dessus1989 ? 
Alnwick and Tyne1990 MidnightCHIME 01.02 D
The Guns of Castle Carey1991 Midnight Music 
Pastor Skull1993 Downwarde SpiralDR002CD
Ten Years Inside The Horse1994  
Paradise Razed1995 Downwarde Spiral 
Out From Under The King1996 Downwarde Spiral 
The Bricklayer's Arms2000  
On The Viking Station2002  
Red Wedding2004  
Fall of Iron2006  


Ten Years Inside The Horse: The Best of Blyth Power 2000Anagram 

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