Irish Folk-Metal band singing mainly new songs to traditional tunes. Also some instrumentals and some songs in Irish Gaelic.

(Shane McGowan has also recorded with the Pogues and the Popes)


Tuatha Na Gael1995 KarmageddonKARMA024
[Reissue]2004Hammerheart HHR104
The Middle Kingdom 1999Hammerheart HHR057
Folk-Lore2002Hammerheart HHR080 
[Reissue]2004 KarmageddonKARMA028
Pagan2004 EncoreENC 042
The Morrigan's Call2006 AFMAFM-139-2

Multi-volume albums.

Title Year. Label. number.
A Celtic Trilogy (*) 1997 Columbia ?

(*)"Tuatha Na Gael", "The Middle Kingdom" and "Folk-Lore".


A Celtic Trilogy 2003  
A Celtic Legacy2007 KarmageddonKARMACD105 


Title.year.Label. Number
Ride On (EP)2001 HammerheartHHR079

Album tracks.

The Middle Kingdom" Recorded and released in 1999. Running time: 44 minutes 41 sec. Karen Gilligan (vocals, percussion), Keith Fay (vocals, electric guitar, mandolin, bodhran, bones), John Clohessy (bass, backing vocals), John O'Fathaigh (Irish flute, tin whistles, low whistle, recorder, uilleann pipes), Joe Farrell (drums, percussion). Guests: John Munnelly (vocals), Andy Kelligan (highland bagpipes)



A Celtic Mourning (instr) music: trad
Celtica (Voice of the Morrigan) music: trad/words: Keith Fay
The Fianna music: trad/words: Keith Fay
A Druids Passing music: trad/words: Keith Fay
Is Fuair An Chroi music: trad/words: Keith Fay
Cattle Raid of Cooley (Tain Bo Cuailgne) music: trad/words: Keith Fay
The Middle Kingdom music: trad/words: Keith Fay
Oro Se Bhearha Abhaile music: trad/words: Padraig Pearse
Unstabled (Steeds Of Macha) music: trad/words: Keith Fay
The Butterfly (instr) music: trad

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