Hughes de Courson (b 1946)

French performer and arranger mixing folk, rock, medieval and classical styles. 

(Hugh has also recorded with "Grand Mere" and "Malicorne") 


Title.year. LabelNo
Fonds de Tirior 1967    
Lambarena - Bach to Africa1995 Sony/ BMG 
[Reissue]2009 Virgin Classics  
13 Croquis de Jeunes Filles As 1996   
Mozart in Egypt1997 Virgin Classics5 45311 2
Songs of Innocence1999   
O'stravaganza - Vivaldi in Ireland2001   
Lux Obscura Un Project Electro Medieval2003   
Mozart in Egypt 2 2005  

Multi-volume albums.

Title Year. Label. number.
Mozart in Egypt 1 and 2 (2 CDs) 2008Phantom sound and Vision ?
Mozart in Egypt/ O'Stravaganza? Virgin Classics 


Babel - From Bach in Africa to Mozart in Egypt (2 CDs) 2008EMI Classics 

Album tracks.

O'stravaganza: Fantasy on Vivaldi and the Celtic Music of Ireland Running time 58 minutes 19 seconds. Released 2001. Ensemble Baroque "Le Orfanelle della Pieta"; Nollaig Caley (fiddle, lilting); Emer Mayock (Irish flutes, tin whistle, uillean pipes); Youenn Le Berre (low whistles); Donal Siggins (Irish bouzoukis, mandolines); Myrdhin (celtic harps); Isabelle Olivier (celtic harp); Breda Mayock (vocals), Suzan Hamilton (vocals). All tracks are instrumentals except 3 (Breda Mayock), 8 (Suzan Hamilton) and 12 (Breda Mayock). Arrangements by Hughes de Courson and Youenn. le Berre.



1. O'Stravaganza Vivaldi
2. Damhsaigh Vivaldi/Trad (?)
3. Berceuse de Gráinne pour Diarmait Vivaldi
4. Estro-Reel Vivaldi/Trad (?)
5. Il Sonno Vivaldi/Trad (?)
6. Ceol cuáine (Dance of the Wolves) Trad 
7. Il Duello Vivaldi/Trad (?)
8. A Cláirseach (Hymn to the harp) Vivaldi
9. Jig della Inquietudine Trad (?)
10. Eirin sonata Trad (?)
11. Bunch of rushes Trad
12. Am cain Vivaldi
13. Mister Bethag and the Princess O'Carolan/O'Carolan
14. La Ciacconna rossa Vivaldi/O'Carolan
Track 1
- Music based on Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in B min (RV 168)
Track 3 
- Text based on the Ossianic cycle (283 AD)
- Music adapted from Vivaldi's motet "Nisi dominus cum dederit"
Track 8
- Text by Godfradh Fionn O'Dalaigh (c 1350)
- Music adapted from Vivaldi's motet "In furore justissimae irae"
Track 12 sung by Breda Mayock
- Text from old Gaelic "Lebor Gabala" attrbuted to Amairgin Glungel
- Music adapted from Vivaldi's oboe concerto (RV 452)
Track 14
- Music based on Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in B min (RV 168))

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