Dropkick Murphys

American Nu-rock/punk/folk-rock band playing their own songs plus some traditional material, often referring to Irish culture.


Do or Die 1998Hellcat80407 
The Gang's All Here1999  
The Early Years2000  
Singles Collection2000  
Sing Loud Sing Proud2001 Hellcat80430 
Live on St Patrick's Day from Boston, MA2002  
Dropkick Murphys2003  
Tessie [EP]2004  
The Warriors Code2005 Hellcat 
Singles Collection vol 22005  
Curse of Fallen Soul   
Tattoos and Scally Caps   
Fire and Brimstone   
The Meanest of Times2007  


Mob Mentality (*)2002  
Face to Face Vs Dropkick Murphys (**)2002  
Dropkick Murpys/Bruisers (***)   
Dropkick Murpys/Ducky Boys (+)   
Dropkick Murpys/Agnostic Front (++)   
Dropkick Murpys/Oxymoron (+++)   
(* with "Business")
(** with "Face to Face")
(** with "Bruisers")
(** with "Duky Boys")
(** with "Agnostic Front")
(** with "Oxymoron")

Best albums(*).

Sing Loud Sing Proud 2001 
Do or Die1998 

(*)Based on critical opinion.


Title. year. Label. Number
Blackout 2003    
Walk out 2003    
Farrar Memorial      
Fields of Athenry      
Time to Go      
Within a Mile of Home      
Drunken Lullabies      
Alive Behind the Green Door      
The State of Massachusetts? Cooking VinylFRY336

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The Warrior's Code
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Flannigan's Ball
Fields of Athenry
Sunshine Highway
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