Flogging Molly

American rock/ folk-rock/ folk-punk band.


Title.Year.Label. No
Alive Behind the Green Door [live] 1997 26f Records  639217970129
Swagger2000 SideOneDummy SD1219
[Reissue] 2003 Burning Heart BHR181
[Reissue] (vinyl) 2007 SideOneDummy 13251
Drunken Lullabies2003 SideOneDummy SD1230
Within a Mile of Home2004 SideOneDummy  
Whiskey of a Sunday [LIVE] (*) 2006 SideOneDummy  
Float2008 SideOneDummy  
Live at The Greek Theatre 2010 SideOneDummy SD1413-2

(* audio CDs with video tracks).

Best albums(*).

Swagger 2000
Drunken Lullabies 2003

(*)Based on critical opinion.


Title. year. Label.
Salty Dog/ Juan El Sentimental 2000  
Drunken Lullabies2002 
The Seven Deadly Sins2004 

Popular downloads.

Drunken Lulabies
If I Ever Leave This World Alive
What's Left of the Flag
Devil's Dance Floor
Rebels of the Sacred Heart
Salty Dog
May The Living Be Dead (In  Our Wake)
Selfish Man

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