Irish Folk-Rock Band, playing songs and instrumentals, both traditional and contemporary. Several albums are "concept" albums. Some songs sung in Gaelic.

(The main members were Jim Lockhart (keyboards, flute, vocals), Johnny Fean (guitar, vocals), Barry Devlin (bass guitar, vocals), Eamon Carr (drums, bodhran, percussion), Charles O'Connor (fiddle, mandolin, concertina, vocals))


Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part 1972OatsM00 3 
[Reissue]197? Atlantic20119
[Reissue]197? Atco7030
[Reissue]1978 DJMDJF 20544
[Reissue]2005 Edsel 
[Reissue]2008 Wounded Bird 
The Tain1973 OatsMOO 5 
[Reissue]197? Atlantic50034
[Reissue]197? Atco7039
[Reissue]1978 DJMDJF 20543
[Reissue]2000 Edsel 
[Reissue]2005 Edsel 
[Reissue]2008 Wounded Bird 
Dancehall Sweethearts 1974OatsMOO 7 
[Reissue]1974 RCAAPLI 0709
[Reissue]2000 Edsel 
[Reissue] 2008 Outlet 
The Unfortunate Cup Of Tea1975 OatsMOO 8
[Reissue] 1975RCASF 8432
[Reissue] 2005Edsel 
Drive The Cold Winter Away1975 Oats MOO 9 
[Reissue]2000 Edsel  
The Book Of Invasions - A Celtic Symphony1976 DJM DJM 10 
[Reissue]1977 DJM DJF 20498
[Reissue] 1982DJM DJM 22108
[Reissue] 2008Outlet  
Aliens1977 DJM DJM 16 
[Reissue]1977 DJM DJF 20519
[Reissue] 1977Atlantic 64202
[Reissue] 1982DJM DJM 22107
[Reissue] 2000Edsel  
Tracks From The Vaults1977  OatsMOO 13 
[Reissue]2003 Edsel 
The Man Who Built America1978 DJMDJM 20 
[Reissue]1979 DJMDJF 20546
[Reissue]1982 DJMDJM 22108
[Reissue]2001 Edsel 
Tall Stories, Tall Tales1979 Mercury3809 
[Reissue]1980 Mercury9100 070
[Reissue]1995 Outlet 
Rollback 2006 Horslips 


Celtic Rock vol 1   
Horslips Collection   
Straight From The Horses Mouth   
Greatest Hits   
[Reissue]2002 Celtic Connections 
Best of1982 OatsOASM 0021 
[Reissue] (2 CDs)2001 Edsel 
Folk Collection1984 StoicSTILP 1001
Horslips1997 Celtic Connections 
Horslips Story Outlet 
Best Tracks (2 CDs)? This is Music 

Live Albums.

Horslips Live 1976Homespun 
[Reissue]2008 Outlet 
The Belfast Gigs - Live At Whitla Hall 1980OatsMOO 20 
[Reissue]1980 Mercury3842
[Reissue]2001 Edsel 


Title year. Label.
Return of the Dance Hall Sweethearts 2005  


Titleyear.Label. No
Come West Along The Road - Irish Traditional Music - Treasures From RTE  TV Archives 1960s - 1980s 2007Standing Room Only RTEDVD99
Come West Along The Road Volume 2 - Irish Traditional Music - Treasures From RTE  TV Archives 1960s - 1980s1989  

(Various artists - Frankie Gavin, Jackie Daly, Kevin Burke, Josephine Keegan, Horslips, Paul Brady, Donal Lunny, Joe Burke, Dubliners, Planxty, Ceoiloiri Chualann, Ceoltoiri Laighean, Stockton's Wing, De Danann, Liam O'Flynn, Bothy Band et al).

Best folk albums(*).

Drive The Cold Winter Away 1975
The Tain1973
Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part 1972
Dancehall Sweethearts 1974

(*)Based on critical opinion.

Best folk-rock albums(*).

The Book of Invasions 1976
Dancehall Sweethearts  1974
Best of2001

(*)Based on critical opinion.


Title. year. Label.
Johnny's Wedding/ Flower Among Them All 1972 Oats 
Green Gravel/ Fairy King 1972 Oats
The High Reel/ Furniture 1973 Oats
Dearg Doom(*)/ The High Reel 1973 Oats
More Than You Can Chew/ Faster Than The Hound 1974 Oats
Nighttown Boy/ We Bring The Summer With Us  1974 RCA
King of the Fairies/ Phil The Fluter's Rag 1974 Oats 
(If That's What You Want) That's What You Get - Parts 1 & 2 1975 RCA
Daybreak/ Oisin's Tune 1976 Horslips
Trouble With A Capital "T"  1976 DJM
Warm Sweet Breath of Love/ King of Morning, Queen of Day 1977 DJM
The Power And The Glory/ Sir Festus Burke 1977 DJM
Sure The Boy Was Green/ Exiles 1977 DJM
Speed The Plough/ Bridge From Heart To Heart 1978 DJM
The Man who Built America/ Long Weekend 1979 DJM
Guests Of The Nation/ When Night Comes 1980 Horslips
Shakin' All Over (live)/ Sword of Light (live) 1980 Horslips
Horslips Presents Horslips 1980  

(*) Drearg Doom was number 1 in Germany.

Hit albums.

Title.year.Highest position.
The Book of Invasions - A Celtic Symphony1977 39

Popular downloads.

Dearg Doom
Trouble (With a Capital T)
The Power and The Glory
Sword of Light
March Into Trouble

Album tracks.

Drive The Cold Winter Away Released 1975.  Charles O'Connor (vocals, mandolin, fiddle, concertina, Northumbrian pipes), Jim Lockart (harpsichord, celeste, table organ, pipe organ, piano, vocals, Uillean pipes, flute, tin whistle, recorder), Jim Fean (fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitars). Barry Devlin (bass), Eamon Carr (bodhran, Arabian bongo) 



1. Rug Muire Mac Do Dhie (Mary Bore a Son to God)Trad carol
2. Sir Festus Burke (instr)O'Carolan
3. Planxty Tom Judge (aka Carolan's Frolic) (instr)Trad
4. Do'n oiche  ud i mbeithil (That Night In Bethlehem)Gaelic Carol
5. The Piper In The Meadow StrayingUnknown
6. Drive The Cold Winter AwayPlayford
7. Thompson's Reel (instr)Unknown
8. Cottage in the Grove (instr)Unknown
9. Ny Kyrree fo Naghjtey (The Sheep 'neath the Snow)Trad Manx carol
10. Crabs in the SkilletTrad
11. Denis O'ConnorO'Carolan
12. The Snow That Melts The SoonestTrad
13. Lullaby (instr)Unknown
14. The Snow and the Frost are all over (instr)Trad
15. Paddy Fahey's (instr)Trad
16. When a Man's In LoveTrad

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