Bob Pegg (b c 1949)

English singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, singing songs with mythical/magical content.

(Bob Pegg was a member of Mr Fox. He is the author of a book 
"Folk: A Portrait of English Traditional Music, Musicians and Customs" (1976). 
He was married to Caroleann Pegg, also a member of Mr Fox)

Solo albums.

Title.year.Label. Number
Bob Pegg and Nick Strutt1973 Transatlantic  TRA 265
Shipbuilder1974 TransatlanticTRA 280
Ancient Maps1975 TransatlanticTRA 299

Bob and Carolanne Pegg.

Title.year.Label. Number
He Came From the Mountain 1971TrailerLER 3016

Caroleann Pegg.

Title.year.Label. Number
Caroleann Pegg1973 Transatlantic  TRA 266


Title. year. Label. number.
Keeper of the Fire (2 CDs) 2006 Sanctuary  CMDDD1387 

Anthology - Mr Fox, Dave and Toni Arthur, Sweeney's Man, Carolanne Pegg, Hamsch Imlach, Dave Swarbrick et al.

Transatlantic Folk Box Set (2 CDs) 2004 Sanctuary Midline?

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