10,000 Maniacs (b 1957 - 63)

American folk-rock band.

(Natalie Merchant has recorded solo)


Secrets of the I-Ching1983 Christian Burial/ PressP 3001
The Wishing Chair1985 Elektra 
[Reissue]? Warners 
In My Tribe (CD)1987 Elektra9 60738-2 
[Reissue] (vinyl)1987 Elektra1592171
[Reissue] (CD)1997 Elektra7559-60738-2
Blind Man's Zoo1989 ElektraEKT 57 
Our Time in Eden1992 Elektra7559613852 
Love Among The Ruins1997 Geffen 
The Earth Pressed Flat1999 Bar/ None 
Few and Far Between   


Title. year. Label. number.
Hope Chest: The Fredonia Recordings 1982 - 1983 1990    
Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure and Unknown Recordings2004  

Live Albums.

MTV Unplugged1993 Elektra 7559615692 

Best albums(*).

In My Tribe1987
Secrets of the I-Ching1983
Campfire Songs: The Popular, Obscure and Unknown Recordings (compilation)2004

(*)Based on critical opinion.


Title.year.Label. Number
Human Conflict Number Five (EP) 1982 Christian Burial/ Press 
My Mother The War (remix)/ Planned Obsolescence1984  
Can't Ignore the Train/ Daktari1985   
Just as the Tide was A-Flowing/ Among the Americans1985 Myth AmericaEKR 27
Scorpio Rising/ Arbor Day1986   
Peace Train/ The Painted Desert1987 ElektraEKR 61
Don't Talk/ City of Angels1987   
Peace Train/ Like The Weather 1988Elektra 7-65962
What's The Matter Here?/ Verdi Cries 1988    
Like The Weather/ A Campfire Song 1988    
Trouble Me/ The Lion's Share 1989    
You Happy Puppet/ Gunshe 1989    
Eat For Two/ Wildwood Flower (EP) 1989    
These Are Days/ Circle Dream 1992 Elektra  EKR 156
Candy Everybody Wants/ Everyday is like Sunday 1993 ElektraEKR160CD1
Few and Far Between/ Candy everybody Wants 1993    
Because the Night/ Stockton Gala Days 1993    
Because the Night/ Eat for Two 1993    
More Than This 1997  

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