Irish vocal and instrumental group playing "Irish Hush". Earlier albums are mostly traditional and Gaelic. Later albums are in English in an ethereal style.

(The main members are/have been: Máire Brennan (vocals, harp, keyboards), Ciarán Brennan (vocals bass, guitar, piano-synth), Paul Brennan (vocals, flute, whistles), Padraig Duggan (mandolin, harmonica, guitar, vocals), Noel Duggan (guitar, vocal), Enya Brennan (keyboards, vocal)
(Enya Brennan has recorded solo as "Enya")
(Clannad have contributed to the soundtracks of TV and cinema films including "Last Of The Mohicans")
(Máire has recorded with Bono of U2 and solo)
(Paul has recorded with some Chinese musicians: Guo Brothers and Joji Hirota)
(Brennan is also spelled as "Ó Braonáin"(male) or Ni Bhraonáin (female))
(Duggan is also spelled as "Ó Duigáin")
(Paul Brennan is also spelled as Pol Bhraonain)
(Máire Brennan is also known as Maya Brennan. She has recorded solo.)

Original Studio Albums.

Title.year.StyleLabel. Number
Clannad1973TradPhillips 6392 013
[Reissue] 1997 Royal Records 1997001
[Reissue] 2002 Spectrum Records U2 5449 762
Clannad 21974TradShanachie/Gael-Linn  
[Reissue]1974  Intercord160 058
[Reissue]1974  Shanachie79007
[Reissue]1975  Gael-Linn041
Dúlamán1976Trad  Gael-Linn 058
[Reissue] 1976 Intercord 160 065
[Reissue] 1976 Shanachie 79008
Crann Ull1978TradTara 3007
[Reissue] 1980 Intercord 160 153
[Reissue] 1981 Phillips 673 016
Fuaim1982Trad  Tara Tara 3008
[Reissue]1993  Atlantic82481-2
Magical Ring1983Trad/Contemporary RCA RCALP 6072
[Reissue] 1983 RCA PL 70003
Legend (Music from Robin of Sherwood)1984 Trad/ContemporaryRCA RCA PL 70188
Macalla1985Trad/ContemporaryRCA RCA PL 70894
Sirius1987Soft-rockRCA RCA PL 71513
The Angel and The Solder Boy1989EtherealRCA PL74328
Atlantic Realm1990EtherealRCA BBC REB 727
Anam1990EtherealRCA RCA PL 74762
Banba1993EtherealRCA RCA 74321139612
Lore1996EtherealAtlantic RCA 74321300802


The Collection 1987K-Tel CD 215
Rogha: Best Of Clannad 1982-891989RCA/BMG 
Past Present (*)1989RCA RCA PL 74074
[Reissue]1989RCA SFCD 0172
Sirius: Themes1995Celtic Heartbeat82737-2
Celtic Collections: Clannad1999 Camden74321 674532 
The Best Of Clannad1997RCA/BMG 
In A Lifetime: The Ultimate Collection1998 RCARCA 74321486762 
Landmarks1998 RCARCA 74321560072
The Best of - In A Lifetime2003 RCARCA 82876564022
The Very Best of2003 Celtic Collections LtdCCCD215
Celtic Themes - The Very Best of 2008 Sony BMG8697281152
Beginnings - The Best of the Early Years 2008   

(* Tracks from the first 4 albums plus two new songs).

Live Albums.

Clannad In Concert 1978Ogham5001 
[Reissue]1978 Intercord160 124

Anthology - Bill Whelan, The Pogues, Altan, Clannad, Frances Black, The Chieftains, Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin, Nollaig Casey, Davy Spillane, et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
L'Imaginaire Irlandais (*) 1996 Keltia Musique KMCD63 

(* one track only - "Theme from Harry's Game" from "Past Present".)

Best albums(*).

Clannad 21971
Magical Ring1983
Past Present1989
(*The later albums are the most commercially successful.
If you prefer them, you're on the wrong web site).

Soundtrack Albums - few of the tracks are by Clannad.

Title. year. Label. number.
Last of the Mohicans 1992    
Warriors of Virtue 1997    
Band of Brothers (*) 2001    

(*) Maire Brennan only - TV soundtrack.


Title.year.Label. Number
Dheanainn Sugradh/Eleanor Plunkett1974Gael-Linn   
An Bealach Seo 'Ta Romham/Faolean 1975Gael-Linn  
Down by the Sally Gardens/An Giobog (live)1978Ogham  
Mhorags' Na Horo Gheallaidh/Strayed Away1981Tara  
Theme From Harry's Game/Strayed Away1982RCARCA 292
Theme From Harry's Game/Hourglass1982RCA/BMG  
I See Red.Ta 'Me Mo Shui1983RCA  
Newgrange/Seachran Charn tSiail1983RCARCA 340
Robin (The Hooded Man)/Lady Marian1984RCARCA HOOD 1
Now is Here/ Together We1984RCA  
Scarlet Inside/Robin (The Hooded Man)1985BMG/RCA  
Closer to the Heart/ Buachaill On Eirne1985BMG/RCA  
Almost Seems (Too Late to Turn)/ Journey's End1985RCA/Ariola  
Robin/Caisean Oir/Now is Here1986RCA/Ariola  
In a Lifetime (with Bono)/Indoor (*)1986TaraRCA PB 40535
In A Lifetime (reissue) 1989RCA RCA PB 42873
Both Sides Now (**) 1991MCA MCS 1546

(*) Clannad featuring Bono.
(**) Clannad and Paul Young.

Hit albums - original.

Title.year.Highest position
Magical Ring1983 26 
Legend (Music from Robin of Sherwood)1984  15
Macalla1985 33
Sirius1987 34
Past Present1988 5
Atlantic Realm1990 41
Anam1990 14
Banba1993 5
Lore1996 14

Hit albums - compilations.

Title.year.Highest position
The Ultimate Collection199746 
Landmarks1998 34
The Best of - In A Lifetime2000 23

Popular downloads.

Theme From Harry's Game
I Will Find You
In A Lifetime
Robin (The Hooded Man)
Lady Marian
Now Is Here


Past Present 2001?

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