Shaun Davey (b 1948)

Irish orchestral composer of works which usually feature bagpipes and traditional tunes.

(Arty McGlynn has recorded with Patrick Street, Enya and Van Morrison, Nollaig Casey, Moving Hearts, Four Men and Dog and has done lots of session recordings)


The Brendan Voyage (inst)1983 Tara3006 
[Reissued as "Who Really Discovered North America?"] (*) 2000Tara 
The Pilgrim1984/94Tara4TA 3011
[Reissue]2000 Tara 
Granuaile1985Tara4TA 3017
[Reissue]2000 Tara 
Relief of Derry Symphony1990 Tara3024
[Reissue]2000 Tara 
(Liam O'Flynn) - Out To Another Side1993TaraCD 3031
Ballykissangel1997 Virgin 
Waking Ned Devine (**)1999 Decca 
Twelfth Night   
The Tailor Of Panama2001  
The Abduction Club2002  
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe   
May We Never Have to Say Goodbye2006TaraCD 4017

(* consists of the book "The Brendan Voyage" by Tim Severin, and "The Brendan Voyage" by Shaun Davey)
(** with Nollaig Casey and Arty McGlynn)

Bal Tuinne (Samus Begley, Shaun Davey, Rita Connolly, ils Kennedy, Daithi O Se, Jim Murray, Lawrence Courtney, Eoin Beaglaoi).

Live at St James' Church, Dingle 2008Tara 4022

Various artists - Planxty, Shaun Davey, Andy Irvine and Christy Moore.

Title. year. Label. No.
High Kings of Tara 1980Tara 3003 

Album tracks.

The Pilgrim Running Time: ? minutes ? seconds. 1st recording on August 8th 1983 at the Lorient Interceltic Festival - released on vinyl 1984. 2nd recording 1990 - released on CD in 1994. Bernard Pichard (bombarde), Helen Davies (harp), Rita Connolly (vocal), Cor Gord'rer Garth (choir), Josik Allot (bombarde), Wallacestone Pipe Band, Iarla O'Lionaird (vocal), Liam O'Flynn (uillean pipes), Ursula Connolly (vocal), Inez Connolly (vocal), John Drummond (vocal), John Curran (vocal), Shaun Davey (vocal), Vincente Manuel Tunas Leis (Gallician gaita), Carlos Real Rodriguez (Gallucian gaita), Sian James (harp), Tom Anderson (highland bagpipes), Kerensa (Cornish choir), An Tryskell (choir). The Lorien Festival Orchestra, Noel Eccles (percussion), Garvan Gallagher (bass guitar), Paul McAteer (drums). Orchestral arrangements by Shaun Davey. Conducted by Noel Kelehan. The vocals are in English and Welsh and Irish.

Title Author
1. St Matthew's Point (instr) Shaun Davey
2. Sailing to Amorica  Shaun Davey
3. Danse An Dro (instr) Shaun Davey
4. Briochan and Columba (instr) Shaun Davey
5. Samson Peccator Episcopus Shaun Davey
6. Storm at Sea Shaun Davey
7. Santiago (instr) Shaun Davey
8. Ymadawiad Arthur Shaun Davey
9. Iona (instr) Shaun Davey
10. The March of The Bruce (instr) Shaun Davey
11. A'Ghrian Shaun Davey

Granuaile Running Time: ? minutes ? seconds. Recorded and released in 1985l. Rita Connolly (vocals), Liam O'Flynn (uilleann pipes and whistles), Des Moore (acoustic guitar), Helen Davies (concert harp, Irish harp), Noel Eccles (percussion), Carl Geraghty (saxophone), Marian Docherty (harpsichord), Donal Lunny (bouzouki and bodhran), Shaun Davey (vocals), 22-piece orchestra conducted by Gareth Hudson.

Title Author
1. Dubhdarra Shaun Davey
2. Ripples in the Rockpools  Shaun Davey
3. The Defence of Hens Castle Shaun Davey
4. Free and Easy Shaun Davey
5. The Rescue of Hugh De Lacy Shaun Davey
6. The Dismissal Shaun Davey
7. The Hens March Shaun Davey
8. Death of Richard-An-Iarainn (intro) Shaun Davey
9. Death of Richard-An-Iarainn Shaun Davey
10. Sir Richard Bingham Shaun Davey
11. The New Age Shaun Davey

Out To Another Side Running Time: ? minutes ? seconds. Released in 1993.Liam O'Flynn (uillean pipes in D C# and C, whistle), Bill Dowdall (flute and piccolo), Matthew Manning (oboe and cor anglais), Carl Geraghty (tenor saxophone), Fergus O'Carroll (French horn), Graham Hastings (trumpet and flugelhorn), Noel Eccles (percussion), Arty McGlynn (guitar), Des Moore (guitar), Helen Davies (Irish harp) Sean Keane (violin), Nollaig Casey (violin and viola), Adele O'Dwyer (cello), Joe Czibi jnr (double bass), Rod McVey (synthesizer), Peter Connolly (electric bass), Steve Cooney (electric bass), Paul McAteer (drums) . "The Voice Squad" (Phil Callary, Fran McPhail and Gerry Cullen) sing on "After Aughrim's Great Disaster". Rita Connolly sings on "The Dean's Pamphlet". Orchestral arrangements by Shaun Davey.

Title Author
1. The Foxchase (instr) Trad
2. The Wild Geese (instr) Shaun Davey and Liam O'Flynn
3. The Dean's Pamphlet (song) Words: Joanthan Swift/ Tune: trad
4. Gynt at the Gate (instr) Shaun Davey
5. The Winter's End (instr) Shaun Davey
6. After Aughrim's Great Disaster (song) Trad
7. Blackwell's (instr) Shaun Davey
8. Ar Buach na Laoi (song) Trad
9. Lady Dillon (instr) Turlough O'Carolan
10. Dollards and The Harlequin Hornpipes (instr) Trad
11. Sean O Duibhir a Ghleanna (instr) Trad

May We Never Have To Say Goodbye Running Time: 53 minutes 39 seconds. Released in 2006.Liam O'Flynn (uillean pipes), Rita Connolly (vocals), Noel Eccles (percussion), Seamus Begley (button accordion), Breanndan Begley (button accordion),  "The Voice Squad" (Phil Callary, Fran McPhail and Gerry Cullen), Nollaig Casey (fiddle), Edelmiro Fernandez (guita), The Guinness Choir, Tallaght Choral Society, Culwick Choir. Orchestral arrangements by Shaun Davey.

Title Author
1. The Battle of Cul Dremne (instr) Shaun Davey
2. Music of the Spheres (instr) Shaun Davey
3. Pilgrim's Sunrise (instr) Shaun Davey
4. Fill To Me The Parting Glass (song) Words: Trad: Tune: Shaun Davey
5. The Irish Sea (instr) Shaun Davey
6. Two Galician Dances (instr) Shaun Davey
7. Doa Do Bheathasa (instr) Shaun Davey
8. The President's Welcome (instr) Shaun Davey
9. The Arrival of the Flag (instr) Shaun Davey
10. May We Never Have To Say Goodbye (song) Shaun Davey
11. The Arrival of the Flame (instr) Shaun Davey
12. The Lighting of the Flame and Fireworks (instr) Shaun Davey
13. Farewell to Nantes (song in French - Rita Connolly) Shaun Davey
14. Pilgrim's Finale (instr) Shaun Davey


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