Dave Evans (English)

English finger-picking acoustic guitarist. Folk, jazz, blues, ragtime, anything. 

(Not to be confused with the heavy-metal guitarist Dave Evans [AC/DC], nor the American bluegrass banjo-playing Dave Evans.)


The Words In Between1971 Village Thing?
[Reissue]2001 Weekend Beatnik?
Sad Pig Dance 1974 ? ?
[Reissue] 1978 Kicking Mule?
[Reissue]2009 Stefan Grossman's?
Take A Bite Out of Life1978 Kicking Mule?

Anthology - Davey Graham, Richard Royal Baker (*), Dan Ar Bras and David Evans. (produced by Stefan Grossman)

Irish Reels Jigs Hornpipes and Airs 2009Stefan Grossmans 
(* Richard Royal Baker is Duck Baker)

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