John Fahey (1939 - 2001)

American acoustic guitarist and singer, playing blues, often with a classical influence.

Original Studio Albums.

Blind Joe Death (*)1959Takoma ST 72702
Death Chants, Breakdowns ... (**)1963 Takoma 
The Dance of Death and ... (***)1964Takoma  
Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death1965Takoma  9015
[Reissue] 1967Sonet SNTF 607
[Reissue] 1970Takoma1002
[Reissue]1970 SonetSNTF 774
The Great San Bernardino ... (#)1966Takoma 
A Rat Called Pat (EP)1966  
Days Have Gone By1967 Takoma1014 
Death Chants & Breakdowns (2nd version) 1967Takoma 1003
[Reissue] 1969Sonet SNTF 608
Requia1968 VanguardSVRL 19055 
Voice of the Turtle1968Takoma 1019
The Yellow Princess1968 VanguardVSD 79293 
[Reissued]1968 VanguardSVRL 19033
The New Possibility/ Christmas Guitar1969 Takoma1020 
America (##)1971Takoma  
[Reissue]1972 Sonet SNTF 628
Of Rivers and Religion1972 Reprise2089 
[Reissue]1972 RepriseK 44213
After The Ball1973 Reprise2145 
[Reissue][UK]1973 RepriseK 44246
Fare Forward Voyagers (Soldier's Choice)1973 Takoma1035 
[Reissue]1974 SonetSNTF 656
[Reissue] 2007 Takoma 
Old Fashioned Love1974 Takoma1043 
[Reissue]1975 SonetSNTF 688
John Fahey Visits Washington D.C.1979 Takoma7069
[Reissue]2008 Takoma 
Yes! Jesus Loves Me1980 Takoma7085 
[Reissue]2007 Ace/ Takoma 
Live in Tasmania1980 Takoma7089 
[Reissue]1981 SonetSNTF 861
Railroad I1981 Takoma6005 
[Reissue]2007 Takoma 
Let's Go1983 Varrick008 
Popular Songs of Christmas and New Year1983  
Rain Forests, Oceans and Other Themes1985  
I Remember Blind Joe Death1987  
God, Time and Casualty1989  
Old Girlfriends and Other Horrible Memories1990  
The John Fahey Christmas Album1991  
Return Of The Repressed1994  
The Mill Pond (Double EP)1997  
[Reissue]2008 Important 
City of Refuge1997  
Requia with other Compositions1997  
Georgia Stomps, Atlanta Struts... ($)1998  
The John Fahey Trio (1)2000  
The John Fahey Trio (2)2000  
Red Cross2002Revenant 
(*)Blind Joe Death was re-recorded and re-released in 1964. Another version
appeared in 1967. It was re-released in 1996 as "The Legend of Blind Joe
(**) Full title: Death Chants, Breakdowns and Military Waltzes. It was re-recorded 
and re-released in 1967
(***) Full title: The Dance of Death and Other Plantation Favorites. It was 
re-released with extra material in 1999
(#) Full title: The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party and Other Excursions
(##) Tracks from "America" were released in full in 1998
($) Full Title: Georgia Stomps, Atlanta Struts and Other Contemporary Dance Favorites

Multi-volume Albums.

The Essential (*)1974Vanguard55/56
The Legend of Blind Joe Death (**)1996Takoma8901

(* Contains "The Yellow Princess" and "Requia").
(** Contains both the 1964 "Blind Joe Death" and the 1967 version).


Title.year.Label. Number
The Early Years1964    
The Early Sessions1964    
Best of the Vanguard Years1969    
Return of the Repressed1974    
Best of John Fahey 1959 - 19771977  Takoma 1058
[Reissue]1977 SonetSNTF 733
Sea Changes and Coelacanths: A Young Person's Guide To John Fahey (2 CDs) (*)2006 Table of Elements   
(* The second CD is "Georgia Stomps, Atlanta Struts ... ")

Collaboration - Fahey, Leo Kottke, Peter Lang.

Fahey, Kottke, Lang1974 TakomaTAK 1040 
[Reissue]? SonetSNTF 675

Collaboration - Fahey, Kelly, Mann, Miller, Seidler.

Fahey, Kelly, Mann, Miller, Seidler 1974 Blue GooseBG 2009

Best Albums(*).

Title. Date
Best of John Fahey 1959 - 1977 1977
Blind Joe Death 1959
The Yellow Princess 1968
Essential 1974
Popular Songs of Christmas and New Year1983
Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death 1965
Georgia Stomps, Atlanta Struts1998

(*)Based on critical opinion.

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- How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life: Stories (2000).
- Vampire Vultures (2003)

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