Josephine Foster

American psych-folk/ psychedelic rock singer songwriter with some influences from pop, jazz and classical music.

Solo albums.

Title.Year. LabelNumber
There are Eyes Above 2000 ? ?
Little Life 2001My Kung Fu ?
Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You2005 Locust LOCUST 68
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 2006 Locust Media LOCUST 79
What Is It That Ever Was? 2006    
This Coming Gladness 2008 Bo' Weavil WEAAVIL31CD
Graphic as a Star2009 Fire Records  
Anda Jaleo (*)2010 Fire Records FIRECD150
(* Josephine Foster and the Victor Herrero Band. Sung in Spanish).

Josephine Foster and the Supposed.

Title.Year. LabelNumber
All The Leaves Are Gone 2004 ? ?
Live In D.C. 2004 ? ?

The Cherry Blossoms with Josephine Foster.

Title.Year. LabelNumber
The Cherry Blossoms with Josephine Foster 2007 ? ?


Title.year.Label. No
A Diadem 2005 ?  
Joy Will Ever Come If You Invite Her2006    

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