Leo Kottke (b 1945)

American acoustic guitarist and occasional singer, playing contemporary and blues material. Some humorous songs.

(Following tendonitis in 1984/85, Leo adopted a gentler style of playing)


Twelve string Blues1969Oblivion  
6 and 12 String Guitar1969Takoma 1024
[Reissue] 1972Sonet SNTF 629
[Reissue] 1972Takoma 1024
[Reissue] 1984TakomaTKMLP 6002
[Reissue] 1996Takoma 
Circle Around the Sun1971 Symposium2001
Mudlark 1971Capitol ST-682 
[Reissue]1991 Beat Goes On  
[Reissue]1995 One Way  
Greenhouse1972Capitol ST-11000
[Reissue] 1990Beat Goes On  
My Feet are Smiling1973Capitol ST-11164
[Reissue] 1992Beat Goes On  
Ice Water1973Capitol 11262
[Reissue] 1992Beat Goes On  
Dreams and All That Stuff1974Capitol 11335
[Reissue] 1992Beat Goes On  
Chewing Pine1974 Capitol11446
[Reissue] 1993 Beat Goes On 
Leo Kottke1976 ChrysalisCHR 1106 
Burnt Lips1978 ChrysalisCHR 1191 
[Reissue]1978 Chrysalis6307 631
Balance1979 ChrysalisCHR 1234 
Live In Europe1980 ChrysalisCHR 1284 
Guitar Music1981 ChrysalisCHR 1328 
[Reissue]1995 Beat Goes On 
Time Step1983 Ariola205 464 
A Shout Toward Noon1986  
Regards From Chuck Pink1988  
My Father's Face1989  
That's What1990  
Great Bog Boy1991  
Leo Live1995  
Standing In My Shoes1997 Private Music 
One Guitar, No Vocals1999 Private MusicWHCD 82171 
Clone2002 BMG FunhouseBVCP-24027 

Multi-volume albums.

Great Bog Boy/ Peculiaroso 2007Acadia?

Collaboration - Fahey, Leo Kottke, Peter Lang.

Fahey, Kottke, Lang1974 SonetSNTF 675
[Reissue]? Takoma1040 


Best of1976 CapitolCAPS 1003 
The Best (2 vinyl albums)1978 Capitol11867
[Reissue]1978 CapitolESTSP 21
[Reissue] (2 CDs)2008 Beat Goes On 

Best albums(*).

Title. year.
6 and 12 String Guitar 1969
Guitar Music 1981
Greenhouse  1972

(*) Based on critical opinion.


Title year. Label.
Home and Away Revisited (*) 2006

(*) Recorded 1988/89.

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