Patrick Bouffard (b 1963)

French hurdy-gurdy player, playing traditional and contemporary tunes. 


Title.Year.Label. Label
Music for Hurdy-Gurdy From the Auverne and Bourbonnais 1990 Ocora 
Joue Jenzat - Repertoire 1 Berry 1992 AMTA 
Joue Jenzat - Repertoire 2 Berry 1992  
Live chez jeunesse 1993  
Rabaterie 1997 BoucherieBP9272
The Roots of Rock 'n' Roll1999 Boucherie 
Revenant de Paris1997 Boucherie 
Tour a Tour? Modal 
Transept2001 Modal 
En Bal (*)2003 Modal 
Transept Second Prelude2005 Modal 
(* with Anne-Lise Foy)

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