Andy McGann (1928 - July 13th 2004)

American fiddler, performing traditional Irish tunes.

(Andy was taught by Michael Coleman, a family friend)

Albums - Andy McGann and Paul Brady

It's A Hard Road To Travel 1995Shanachie34011

Collaboration - Joe Burke, Andy McGann and Felix Doran.

A Tribute to Michael Coleman1966Shaskeen OS-360 
[Reissue]1994 Green LinnetGLCD 3097
The Funny Reel. Traditional Music Of Ireland1985Shanachie 29012
[Reissue]1999 Shanachie34016

Collaboration - Andy McGann and Paddy Reynolds (with Paul Brady guitar)

Traditional Music of Ireland 1977Shanachie29004 
[Reissued as "Andy MaGann and Paddy Reynolds - Masters of Irish Music"]1995 Shanachie 

Tribute album - Joe Burke, Brian Conway & Felix Doran

A Tribute to Andy McGann2007 Clo Iar ChonnachtaCICD 168

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