Buddy MacMaster (born 1924)

Fiddler from Judique, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. Plays  traditional tunes, plus J Scott Skinner, Canadian tune writers and others.

(Uncle of Natalie MacMaster)


Title.year.Label. No
Judique On The Floor1988Independent   
Glencoe Hall1991Independent  
The Judique Flyer2000 Greentrax   
Cape Breton Traditional2003Rounder82161-7952-2

Anthology - with other artists.

Celtic Colours(*)1998?

(*) One Track only - London Lasses/ West Mabou.

Album tracks.

Cape Breton Traditional. Recorded 2003. Running time 67 minutes 06 sec. Buddy MacMaster (fiddle), Mary Elizabeth MacMaster MacInnis (piano). 



1. Farewell to the Glen/ Mr Dow/ Mrs DowJ Scott Skinner/ Dan R MacDonald/ Dan R MacDonald
2. Highlanders Farewell to Ireland/ Willie MacKenzie's/ The Burning House Trad/ Trad/ Brenda Stubbert
3. Nicole Fakoory/ Gareielle's / Boston Life/ Moll in the Wad/ Spin 'n Glow John Morris Rankin/ Rankin/ Frank Ferrel/ Trad/ F Ferrel
4. Miller of Drone/ The Yetts of Muckart/ Lochiel's Rant/ Pigeon on the Gate Nathaniel Gow/ Trad/ Trad/ Trad
5. Hughie and Janet's March/ Warlocks/ Tarbolton Lodge/ Alistair Hunter Andrea Beaton/ Trad/ Trad/ Bert Murray
6. Springwell/ Buddy's Detour/ Francis Xavier Kennedy/ Kathleen's Favourite Jig Dan R MacDonald/ David Greenberg/ D Greenberg/ Dan Hughie MacEachern
7. Silverwells/ The Lass O' Corrie Mill/ The Duchess of Buccleuch/ The Highlands of Banffshire/ Carnie's Canter J Scott Skinner/ Trad/ William Marshall/ Captain Simon Fraser vars by J Scott Skinner/ J Scott Skinner
8. Little John's Hame/ The Forth Bridge Strathspey/ The Forth Bridge Reel/ Scourdiness/ Miss Baigrie Reel J Scott Skinner/ Williamson Blyth/ W Blyth/ Charlie Sherritt/ Robert Baillie
9. The Real Thing/ upper Denton Hornpipe/ Catching Rabbits (hornpipes) Trad
10. Margaret's Waltz/ The Rosewood Jig/ Judique Jig Trad
11. Happy-Go-Lucky Clog/ Saratoga Hornpipe/ Irish-American Reel Donald MacLean/ Trad/ Trad
12. Christy Campbell Strathspey (high bass strathspey)/ Bridge of Bamore/ Marquis of Tullybardine/ Margaree Reel (high bass reels) All trad
13. Sir Wildred Laurier's Jig/ Gordon's Trip to Sydney/ Kohler's Jig (Alex Deas)/ Miss Sophia Campbell Trad/ Dan R MAcDonald/ Alex Deas/ Robert Macintosh
14. The Bell Piano strathspey/ Snowplough Reel/ Miss Smyths of Methven/ The King's Reel/ Miss Lyall/ Sandy Cameron/ Miss MacLeod's Reel Dan Hughie MacEachern/ Dan Hughie MacEachern/ Trad/ Trad/ Trad/ Trad
15. The Grey Seal's Lament for its Pup (slow air)/ Miss Ann Moir's Birthday/ the Duke of Gordon's birthday (strathspeys)/ London Lasses/ West Mabou (reels) W.R. Aim/ Trad/ William Marshall/ Trad/ Trad

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