Alan Stivell (born 1943)

Breton harp-player, playing traditional and contemporary tunes. Some songs in the Breton language, some in French and some in English. Some albums are acoustic, some electric and some in a celtic new age style.

(His original name was Alan Cochevelou)
(Alan has recorded with Gabriel Yacoub)


Telenn Geltiek1961Mouez Briez  
[Reissue]2008 Disques Dreyfus 
Renaissance de l'harpe Celtique/Renaissance of The Celtic Harp1972  
A L'Olympia - Live1972Fontana 
Chemins de terre/From Celtic Roots1974Fontana 
[Reissue]2010 Dreyfus 
E Langonned/A Homecoming1974Fontana 
Grand Succes d'Alan Stivellc 1975Fontana 
E Dulenn/Live In Dublin1975Keltia III 
Celtic Rock1976Vertigo 
Trema'n inis/Vers l'ile1976Keltia III 
Raok Dilestra/Abant d'accoster/Before Landing1977Keltia III 
Un Dewezh barzh ger/Journee a la maison1978Keltia III 
Suzy Macguire1978Impact 
International Tour1979Keltia III 
Alan Stivell1982Impact 
Legende1983Keltia III 
Terre des vivantes Disc AZ 
Tir Na Nog (Symphonie Celtique) [Celtic Symphony]1984Rounder 
[Reissue]2005 Keltia 
Harpes du nouvel age1986Rounder/Keltia III 
The Mist of Avalon1991Keltia III 
Again1994Keltia III/Dreyfus 
Brian Boru1996Dreyfus 
70/95 Zoom1997Dreyfus 
1 Dour/1 Earth1998  
The Best Of ..2000  
Back To Briezh2000 Disques Dreyfus 
Beyond Words2002  
Dublin (National Stadium Live)2005  
Explore2006Keltia III 

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