Joemy Wilson

American (female) player of Appalachian dulcimer.


Title.year.Label. No
Carolan's Cup1984 DargasonDM 102
Gifts, Vol 1: Traditional Christmas Carols ?1985  
Carolan's Cottage .. on the Hammered Dulcimer Vol 2 1986Dargason DMCD 104
Gifts, Vol 2: Traditional Christmas Carols1987 DargasonDMCD 105
Celtic Dreams .. on the Hammered Dulcimer Vol 31989 DargasonDMCD 107
Gifts, Vol 3: Traditional Christmas Carols1993   
Dulcimer Lullabies1991   
Celtic Treasures1994   

Collaboration - Joemy Wilson and Mick Moloney.

Title. year. Label. no.
August Gale 2005    

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