Joan Baez (born 1941)

Spanish-American singer-songwriter, performing ballads, blues and some traditional songs, often on political subjects.


Title.year.Label. number
Joan Baez1960VanguardVSD 2077
[Reissue]1965 FontanaTFL 6002
[Reissue]1973VanguardVSD 79073
[Reissue]1988StartVFCD 7101
[Reissue]1994VanguardVMD 2077
[Reissued as "Debut Album"]2001  
Joan Baez 21961VanguardVSD 79094
[Reissue]1961 VanguardVSD 2097
[Reissue]1961 FontanaSTFL 6025
[Reissued as "Vol 2: Remastered"] 2001 Vanguard 
Joan Baez in Concert (live)1962VanguardVSD 79112
[Reissue]1962Vanguard VSD 2122
[Reissue] 1962Fontana STFL 6033
Joan Baez in concert part 2 (live)1964VanguardVSD 79113
[Reissue]1964Vanguard VSD 2133
[Reissue]1964 FontanaTFL 6033
Joan Baez 51964VanguardVSD 79160
[Reissue]1965 FontanaTFL 6063
Farewell Angelina1965Vanguard VSD 79200
[Reissue] 1965Vanguard VSD 23006
[Reissue]1965 FontanaTFL 6058
[Reissued as "Farewell Angelina: Remastered"] 2002   
Noel1966 VanguardVSD 79230
[Reissue]1966Vanguard VSD 23018
[Reissue] 1966Fontana STFL 6078
Joan 1967Vanguard VSD 79240
[Reissue] 1967Vanguard VSD 23022
[Reissue] 1967Fontana STFL 6082
Baptism - A Journey Through Our Time1968Vanguard SVRL 19000 
[Reissue]1968Vanguard VSD 79275
[Reissue] 1989Start VFCD7 103
[Reissue] 1998Vanguard VMD 79279
Any Day Now1969 VanguardVSD 79306/7 
[Reissue]1969 Vanguard55/66
David's Album1969 VanguardSVRL 19050 
[Reissue]1994 VanguardVMD 79308
One Day At A Time1970 VanguardVSD 23010 
[Reissue]1996 VanguardVMD 79310
Blessed Are1971 VanguardVSD 6570/1 
Carry It On (original soundtrack)1971 VanguardVSD-79313 
Come From the Shadows1972 A & M SP-4339 
Where Are You Now, My Son?1973 A & M (USA)  4390 
[Reissue]1973 A & M (UK)AMLH 64390
Gracias a la Vida (Here's To Life)1974 A & MAMLH 63614 
Contemporary Ballad Book1974 VanguardVSD 49/50
Diamonds and Rust1975 A & MAMLH 64527 
From Every Stage (live)1976   
Gulf Winds1976   
Blowin' Away1977   
Honest Lullaby1979   
European Tour (live)1981   
Speaking of Dreams1989   
Play Me Backwards1993   
Gone From Danger1997   
Dark Chords on a Big Guitar2003   
The Complete A & R Recordings2003   
Bowery Songs (live)2005   
Day After Tomorrow2008 Razor and TieRTADV830022


Title. year. Label. number.
Songs of the USA1965 Super MajesticSBBH 1.540
Queen of Hearts1966  
Joan Baez on Vanguard1969 Vanguard SVXL 100
The First Ten Years 1970 Vanguard6635 003 
[Reissue]1987Vanguard VSD 6560-2
[Reissue]1993Vanguard D 41837
Golden Hour1972 PyeGH 843
The Joan Baez Ballad Book 1972    
Hits, The Greatest and Others 1973VanguardVSD 79332
Best of1977 A & MAMLH 63665
Spotlight On1980 Portrait1008
Best of Joan C Baez1991 Polydor 
The Compact Collection (3 CDs) 1993    
Rare Live and Classic 1958 -1989 1994    
Baez Sings Dylan 1998    
Greatest Hits2000  
Universal Masters Collection2001    
Best of the Vanguard Years2005Vanguard 
Vanguard Visionaries2007Vanguard 
How Sweet The Sound (*)2009 Proper 

(* CD and DVD)

Live Albums.

Title. year. Label. number.
The Best of Joan Baez (early 1959 live Newport) 1963    
European Tour (live) 1980Portrait  PRT-84790 
[Reissued as "Live"]1985 EpicEPC-463390-2
Diamonds and Rust in the Bullring (live) 1989    
Ring them Bells (live) 1995    

Anthology - Altan, Kate Rusby, Beth Orton, Martin Simpson, Eliza Carthy, Joan Baez et al.

Album title. year Label. Number.
Cool as Folk: Cambridge Folk Festival (live)2007 ??

Anthology - Joan Baez, Dolly Parton, Chrissie Hynde, Rufus Wainwright, Dar Williams, Jimmy Webb et al.

Album title. year Label. Number.
Born To the Breed - A Tribute To Judy Collins2008 Warner?

Best Albums(*).

Joan Baez 1960
Joan Baez 2 1961
Diamonds and Rust 1975
Joan Baez 5 1964
Farewell Angelina 1965
Gracias a la Vida 1974
Baptism - A Journey Through Our Time 1968
David's Album 1969

(*)According to critical opinion.


Banks of the Ohio/ Old Blue1961  
Lonesome Road/ Pal of Mine1962  
What Have They done to The Rain/ Danger Waters1962  
We Shall Overcome (live)/ What Have They Done To The Rain (live)1963  
With God on Our Side/ Railroad Bill - Daddy You've Been On My Mind (Medley)1964  
It Ain't Me Babe/ Go 'Way From My window1964  
We Shall Overcome/ Don't Think Twice1965FontanaTF 564
There But For Fortune/ Daddy You Been On My Mind1965VanguardVS 35031
There But For Fortune/ Plaisir D'amour1965FontanaTF 587
It's All Over Now Baby Blue/ Daddy You've Been on My Mind1965FontanaTF 604
Farewell Angelina/ Queen of Hearts1965FontanaTF 639
Silver Dagger and Other Things (E.P.)1965  
Pack Up Your Sorrows/ Swallow Song1966FontanaTF 727
Cantique De Noel/ Little Drummer Boy1966  
Be Not Too Hard/ North1967  
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall1966  
Love is Just a Four-Letter Word/ Love Minus Zero - No Limit1969  
If I Knew/ Rock, Salt and Nails1969  
Hickory Wind/ Four Days1969  
No Expectations/ One Day At A Time1970  
Sweet Sir Galahad/ Ghetto1970  
Carry It On/ Rock, Salt and Nails1971  
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down/ When Time Is Stolen1971VanguardVS 35138
Let It Be/ Poor Wayfaring Stranger1971  
Will the Circle Be Unbroken/ Just A closer Walk With Thee1972  
In The Quiet Morning/ Song of Bangladesh1972  
In The Quiet Morning/ To Bobby1972  
The Ballad Of Sacco and Vanzetti/ Here's To You1973  
Guantanamera/ Forever Young1974  
Blue Sky/ Dida1975  
Diamonds and Rust/ Winds of the Old Days 1975    
I'm Blowing Away/ Altar Boy and the Thief 1977    
I'm Blowing Away/ Luba The Baroness 1977    
Time Rag/ Miracles 1977    
No Mermaid/ Fushing/ Diamonds and Rust (with Mary-Chapin Carpenter) 1999    
There But For Fortune/ It's All Over Now Baby Blue      


Title year. Label.
How Sweet The Sound (CD + DVD)2009  
In Performance?2010 
In Concert1989 
Three Worlds, Three Voices, One Vision (*) 2005Kultur Video
Live Aid (4 DVDs) (**) (1985) 2004 

(* Joan Baez, Mercedes Sosa, Konstantin Wecker).
(** One song only - "Amazing Grace").

DVD - Joan Baez, Joe Cocker, Ritchie Havens, The Who, Janis Joplin, Country Joe McDonald, Jimi Hendrix et al.

Title year. Label.
Woodstock (The Director's Cut) (*)2001 Warner Brotherrs 

(* recorded 1969).

DVD - Pete Seeger concert, with guests Joan Baez, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan et al.

Title year. Label.
The Power of Song2008 

Hit singles.

Title.year.Highest position.
We Shall Overcome/ Don't Think Twice1965 26
There But For Fortune/ Daddy You Been On My Mind1965 50 (USA)
There But For Fortune/ Plaisir D'amour1965 8 (UK)
It's All Over Now Baby Blue/ Daddy You've Been on My Mind1965 22
Farewell Angelina/ Queen of Hearts1965 35
Pack Up Your Sorrows/ Swallow Song1966 50
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down/ When Time Is Stolen 1971 6

Hit albums.

Title.year.Highest position
Joan Baez1960 9 (in 1965)
Joan Baez in concert part 2 (live)1964 8
Joan Baez 51964 3
Farewell Angelina1965 5
Joan Baez on Vanguard 196915
First Ten Years1971 41

Books: "And a Voice To Sing With" by Joan Baez (1988)
"The Joan Baez Songbook" by Maynard Solomon and Elie Seigmeister (1964)
"Positively 4th Street: The Lives and Times of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Mimi Baez Farina and Richard Farina" by David Hajdu (2006)

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