Roy Bailey (b 1935)

English singer , contemporary and traditional songs, often with social commentary.

(Has recorded with Martin Carthy and Leon Rosselson as the 3City4)


Roy Bailey1971 TrailerLER 3021 
New Bell Wake1976 FuseCF 262 
Love, Loneliness Laundry1979  
Hard Times1982 FuseCF 382 
... Freedom Peacefully1985 Fuse 
Why Does It Have To Be Me? (*)1988  
[Reissue]1995 Fuse 
Never Leave A Story Unsung (**)1991 Fuse398
Business As Usual1994 FuseCFCD 400
New Directions In The Old1997 Fuse 
Past Masters1998 Fuse 
Coda2000 FuseCFCD 404
Up the Wooden Hill2002 Fuse 
The Writing on the Wall2005Fuse 
Below the Radar2009  

(* includes John Kirkpatrick and Sue Harris)
(** Roy Bailey with Stalking Horses)


Title. year. Label. No
What You Do With What You've Got 1992Fuse  CFCD399

Collaboration - Roy Bailey With Band Of Hope.

Rhythm and Reds1994 Musikfolk 

Collaboration - Roy Bailey and Robb Johnson.

Gentle Men (2 CDs)1999 Iregular 

Collaboration - Roy Bailey and Leon Rosselson.

Love Loneliness, Laundry1977 FuseCF 271 

Collaboration - Roy Bailey with Martin Simpson and John Kirkpatrick.

Sit Down and Sing2005 FuseCFCD406 

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