Les Barker (b 1947)

English surrealist poet and song-writer, mostly parodies. 

(The albums are either solo efforts or with an enormous number of guests, often with June Tabor. Some albums are credited to "Mrs Ackroyd Band")


Title.year. Label. Number
Mrs Ackroyd - Superstar1978 Free ReedFRR15
[Reissue with bonus tracks]2007 Free Reed FRRR06
The Mrs Barker Rock 'n' Roll Show 1984DOG001
[Reissue] 1999Mrs Ackroyd 
The Stones of Callanish1989   
Oranges and Lemmings1990   
Infinite Numbers of Occasional Tables1991 Mrs Ackroyd  
Some Love 1992   
Gnus and Roses1994 Mrs Ackroyd  
A Cardi and Bloke1995   
Up the Creek Without a Poodle1996 Mrs Ackroyd  
The Wings of Butterflies1999 Mrs Ackroyd DOG 013
Tubular Dogs1999 Mrs Ackroyd DOG 014
Arovertherapy2000?  Mrs Ackroyd DOG 015
Airs of the Dog2001 Mrs Ackroyd DOG 016
Yelp!2004 Mrs Ackroyd DOG 017
The War on Terrier2004 Mrs Ackroyd DOG 018
Twilight of the Dogs: Songs of Les Barker2006 Mrs Ackroyd DOG 019
Dark Side of the Mongrel? Mrs Ackroyd DOG 020

Albums - series: Guide Cats For The Blind.

Title.year. Label. Number
Guide Cats for the Blind2003 Osmosys  OSMO CD 020/021 
The Missing Persians File: Guide Cats For The Blind Vol 22005 Osmosys OSMO CD 032
Top Cat, White Tie and Tails: Guide Cats For The Blind Vol 32007 Osmosys OSMO CD 041
Cat Nav: Guide Cats For The Blind Vol 42009 Osmosys ?


Probably The Best Album Ever (*) 1997Terra Nova 

(* full title: "Probably the Best Album Ever Made By Anyone in Our Street")

Anthology - Maddy Prior, Withches of Eastwick, Linda Adams, Frankie Armstrong et al.

This Label is Not Removable (3 CDs)2001 Free Reed 

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