Eric Bogle (b 1943/44)

Scottish singer-songwriter, performing mostly his own compositions. Emigrated to Australia in 1969.


Now I'm Easy1980Celtic 
Scraps of Paper1981Flying FishFLY 311
[Reissue]1997Flying FishCDFLY 311
In Person1982Autogram 
When the Wind Blows1985Topic12TS437
Singing the Spirit Home (5 CDs) 1987Flying Fish 
[Reissue] 2005Greentrax 
Something of Value1988   
The Eric Bogle Songbook1989   
The Eric Bogle Songbook vol 21994   
I Wrote This Wee Song ... Live (2 CDs) 1994Greentrax 
Small Miracles1997   
Endangered Species2000   
The Colour of Dreams 2002Greentrax 
Other People's Children2005Greentrax 
At This Stage2005Greentrax 
The Dreamer2009Greentrax 

DVD - various artists.

Live at Stoneyfell Winery (*) 2009  
(* PAL on one side, NTSC on the other)

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