Jeff Buckley (1966 - 1998)

American vocalist, song-writer and guitarist.

(Jeff was the son of Tim Buckley)


[Reissued as "Grace - Legacy Edition]2004Columbia5174603
Sketches for my Sweetheart The Drunk1998Columbia4886616

Live Albums.

Title.year.Label. number.
Live at Sin-e (live)1993 Columbia44K 77296 
[Reissue]1994 Rough TradeRTD 131.1752.2
[Reissued as "Complete Live in Sin-e] (CD + DVD)2003Columbia 
Mystery White Boy - Live '95 - '962000Columbia4979722
Live A L'Olympia (live)2001? 


Title. year. Label. number.
So Real: Songs From Jeff Buckley 2007Sony BMG 

Best Albums(*).

Title. year. Label. number.
Grace 1994 ?  

(*)Based on critical opinion.


Last Goodbye/ Last Goodbye (Edit)/ Kango-Roo 1995Columbia6620422
Everybody Here Wants You1998Columbia6657912

Hit singles.

Title.year.Highest position.
Last Goodbye/ Last Goodbye (Edit)/ Kango-Roo 199554
Everybody Here Wants You1998 40

Hit albums.

Title.year.Highest position.
Grace1994 42
[Reissued as "Grace - Legacy Edition]2004 44
Sketches for my Sweetheart The Drunk1998 7

Hit live albums.

Title.year.Highest position.
Mystery White Boy - Live '95 - '962000 8

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