Sandy Denny (1947 - 1978)

English singer, performing traditional songs and her own compositions. Also pianist and guitar-player.

(Sandy Denny also recorded with The Strawbs, Fairport Convention, The Young Tradition, Led Zeppelin, Fotheringay, Alex Campbell, Marc Ellington and Stefan Grossman)
(Sandy was married to Trevor Lucas of Fairport Convention.)

Solo Albums.

The North Star Grassman and The Ravens 1971Island  ILPS 9165 
[Reissue]1971 A & M 4317
[Reissue] 1986 Island ILPM 9165
[Reissue] 1989 Carthage CGLP 4429
[Reissue with bonus tracks]2005 Island ?
Sandy1972Island ILPS 9207
[Reissue] 1972A & M 4371
[Reissue with bonus tracks] 2005Island ?
[Reissue] (vinyl) 2008Vinyl Lovers  
Like And Old-Fashioned Waltz1973Island ILPS 9258
[Reissue] 1973A & M 9340
[Reissue] 1988Carthage CGLP 4425
[Reissue] (Vinyl) 1991Island  
[Reissue with bonus tracks] 2005Island ?
Rendezvous1977Island ILPS 9433
[Reissue] (vinyl) 1991Carthage  

"The Bunch" (Sandy Denny, Ashley Hutchings, Richard Thompson, etc).

The Bunch(*)1972Island  

Collaboration - Sandy Denny and Johnny Silvo.

Sandy and Johnny1967 SagaEROS 8041 

Collaboration - Alex Campbell and his Friends.

Alex Campbell and his Friends1967 SagaEROS 8021 


It's Sandy Denny1970 SagaEROS 8153
[Reissued as "The Original Sandy Denny"] 1977Nova6 22968AK
[Reissue]? Saga8153
[Reissue]1978 MooncrestCREST 28
[Reissue]1991 MooncrestCREST CD 002
[Reissued as "Heritage"]2003 Disky 
All Our Own Work (*)1973 HallmarkSHM 813
Who Knows Where The Time Goes 1986Island 
The Best Of Sandy Denny1987Island 
[Reissue]1989 HannibalHNCD 1328
[Reissue]1996 Island?
The Attic Tracks 1972-74 (with Trevor Lucas) 1995Special Delivery ?
Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Box) (3 CDs) 1996Hannibal  
Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Box) (4 Vinyl Lps) ?Hannibal  
"Listen Listen" - An Introduction to Sandy Denny 1999Island IMCD 253 
The Collection   
No More Sad Refrains: The Anthology 2000Island CRNCD 7
Borrowed Thyme (**) 2000   
Twentieth Century Masters 2003   
The Boxful of Treasures (***) 2004Fled'gling 
The Music Weaver (2 CDs) 2008Commercial Marketing 
Best of the BBC Recordings 2008Commercial Marketing 
She Moves Through the Fair (vinyl) (****) 2009Stamford Audio STAMLP1003
Sandy Denny (19 CDs) (+) 2010UMC  

(*) by Sandy Denny and the Strawbs
(**) Demos and BBC radio sessions

(***) Box set of 5 CDs
(****) Five songs, recorded 1967
(+) Complete recordings with rarities, duos etc; hardback book, poster, postcards etc

Live Albums.

The BBC Sessions 1971-731997 Strange Fruit 
Live at the BBC (3 CDs + 1 DVD) 2007Universal 
Gold Dust: Live at the Royalty (live) (*) 1998Special Delivery SPDCD 1052

(* The original tapes were re-worked in the studio. Jerry Donohue's guitar is over-dubbed and so is Chris Leslie's fiddle)

Anthology, Various artists - Ian Campbell Folk Group, Ethnic Shuffle Band, Steeleye Span, Sandy Denny, Dave Swarbrick, Albion, Shelagh Macdonald, Etchingham Steam Band,  Marc Ellington et al.

Title. year. Label. No.
Fairport Convention: Loose Chippings from the Fairport Convention Family Tree 2006 Castle   

Anthology - Steeleye Span, Ian Matthews, Sandy Denny, Shirley Collins, Ian Matthews, Tim Moore et al.

Title year. Label. number.
Walking on the Moon 1991 Mooncrest CREST CD001

Anthology - Waterson:Carthy, Barry Dransfield, A.L. Lloyd, Anne Briggs, Shirley Collins, Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, Incredible String Band, Magna Carta, Lindisfarne, Sandy Denny, Oak, Richard Thompson et al.

Title. year. Label. number.
Anthology of English Folk (5 CDs) 2007? Deja Vu  

Anthology - Pentangle, Bert Jansch, Sandy Denny, Heron, Trader Horn, Sallyangie et al.

Gather In The Mushrooms (The British Acid Folk  Underground 1968 - 1974)2004 Castle MusicCMQCD840 

Various artists - Shirley Collins, Sweeney's Men, Vashti Bunyan, Mr Fox, Ewan MacColl, Isla Cameron, Bert Jansch, Fairport Convention, Donovan, Incredible String Band, Jan Dukes de Grey, Young Tradition, Sandy Denny, Comus et al.

Title. year. Label. no
Anthems in Eden: An Anthology of British and Irish Folk 1966 - 1978 (4 CDs)2006 Castle MusicCMXBX 1030

Singles - Fotheringay.

Title. year. Label.
Peace in the End/ Winter Winds 1970  
The Ballad of Ned Kelly/ The Sea 1970  

Singles - Sandy Denny.

Crazy Lady Blues/ Let's Jump the Broomstick1972 
Pass of Arms (EP) [Here in Silence/ Man of Iron]1972Island
Listen Listen/ Tomorrow is a Long Time1972Island
Whispering Grass/ Friends1973Island
Make Me a Pallet On Your Floor/ This Train1976Mooncrest
Candle in the Wind/ Still Waters Run Deep1977Island


Title year. Label.
Sandy Denny - Under Review 2006  

Hit Albums.

Title.year.Highest position.
The North Star Grassman and The Ravens 1971 31

Session recordings.

Performer. Title year. Label. number.
Brian MaxineRibbon of Stainless Steel1974Columbia  SCX 6575 

Popular downloads.

Who Knows Where The Time Goes
Listen, Listen
Next Time Around
It'll Take a Long Time
Late November
The North Star Grassman and the Ravens
Sweet Rosemary

Album tracks.

"Listen Listen" - An Introduction To Sandy Denny Recorded 1971 - 1977. Running time 74 minutes 41 sec. The tracks are taken from the 4 original solo albums. 



1. Late NovemberDenny
2. BlackwatersideTrad
3. Next Time AroundDenny
4. Wretched WilburDenny
5. The North Star Grassman and the RavensDenny
6. It'll Take A Long TimeDenny
7. Listen, ListenDenny
8. The LadyDenny
9. The Music WeaverDenny
10. SoloDenny
11. Like and Old-Fashioned WaltzDenny
12. Dark The NightDenny
13. No EndDenny
14. One Way Donkey RideDenny
15. All Our DayDenny
16. No More Sad RefrainsDenny

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