Nick Drake (1948 - 1972)


(Richard Thompson has recorded with many other artists)
(Joe Boyd has also produced albums by Billy Bragg, Sandy Denny, Fairport Convention, Ashley Hutchings, Incredible String Band, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Maria Muldaur, June Tabor, Richard Thompson).
(Robert Kirby has made string arrangements for Vashti Bunyan and Maddy Prior)


Five Leaves Left 1969IslandILPS 9105
[Reissue](CD)2000 IslandIMCD 8
[Reissue](vinyl)2000 Simply VinylSVLP 163
Bryter Layter 1970IslandILPS 9134
[Reissue]1977 AntillesAN 7028
[Reissue](Vinyl)1999 Simply Vinyl 
[Reissue] 2000Island IMCD 71
Pink Moon1972IslandILPS 9184
[Reissue]1972 Island (USA)9318
[Reissue] (CD)1992   
[Reissue] (Vinyl) 2000   
Time of No Reply (*)1987Hannibal/RykodiscHNCD 1318
Tamworth-in-Arden (recorded 1968)(**)2000AnthologyANT 1521
Made to Love Magic (rarities)(***)2005IslandCID 8141
Family Tree (CD) (recorded pre-1968) (****)2007??
Family Tree (Vinyl)2007  

(*  "Time of No Reply" is a collection of alternative takes and a couple of new songs.)
(** Tamworth-in-Arden is a collection of early home recordings, mostly of other people's songs.)
(*** "Made to Love Magic" is a collection of alternative takes plus one newly discovered song.)
(**** "Family Tree" is a collection of home recordings of folk songs, early demos plus a song by his mother.)

Multi-volume Albums.

Fruit Tree - The complete Recorded Works (3 lps) 1979 Island NDSP 100
Fruit Tree (3 original LPs plus "Time of No Reply")(4 lps) 1986 Hannibal/Rykodisc HNBX 5302
Fruit Tree (3 original LPs plus DVD "A Skin Too Few" documentary) (*)2007 Island 

(*  plus the tracks from "Time of No Reply")


Title. year. Label. No
Heaven in a Wild Flower 1985 Island ILPS 9826
Way To Blue - An Introduction To Nick Drake 1994 Island IMCD 196
A Treasury (SACD)2004 Island 
A Treasury (Vinyl)2004 Island 

Best Albums.

Title. year.
Five Leaves Left1969
Bryter Layter1970
Pink Moon1972

(*)According to critical opinion. See also

Anthology - Fotheringay, Traffic, Nirvana, Spooky Tooth, Nick Drake, Dr Strangely Strange et al.

Strangely Strange - But Oddly Normal - An Island Anthology (3 CDs) (*) 2005Commercial Marketing ?


Title. year. Label. Number
Magic / Northern Sky2004 Island  CID 854
River Man 2004 IslandCID 871


Title year. Label.
Nick Drake - Under Review 2007 

Hit singles.

Title.year.Highest position.
Magic2004 32
River Man2004 48

Hit albums.

Title.year.Highest position.
Made to Love Magic2004 27

Album tracks.

Way To Blue Running time ??. compilation of tracks from all albums other than "Tanworth-in-Arden"  Released on 1994. Nick Drake (vocals, acoustic guitar), Paul Harris (piano), Richard Thompson (electric guitar), Danny Thompson (bass), string arrangement by Harry Robinson on "River Man", Rocki Dzidzomu (congas), string arrangement by Robert Kirby on "Way To Blue", and "Fruit Tree", Clare Lowther (cello), Ray Waleigh (alto sax), Chris McGregor (piano), Dave Pegg (bass), Mike Kowalski (drums), Pat Arnold (backing vocals), Doris Troy (backing vocals). Produced by Joe Boyd.



1. Cello SongNick Drake
2. Hazey Jane INick Drake
3. Way To BlueNick Drake
4. Things Beyond The SunNick Drake
5. River ManNick Drake
6. Poor BoyNick Drake
7. Time Of No ReplyNick Drake
8. From The MorningNick Drake
9. One of these Things FirstNick Drake
10. Northern SkyNick Drake
11. Which WillNick Drake
12. Hazey Jane IINick Drake
13. Time Has Told MeNick Drake
14. Pink MoonNick Drake
15. Black Eyed DogNick Drake
16. Fruit TreeNick Drake

Five Leaves Left Running time ?? minutes ?? seconds. Recorded 1970. Nick Drake (vocals, acoustic guitar, piano), Paul Harris (piano), Richard Thompson (electric guitar), Danny Thompson (bass), string arrangement by Harry Robinson on "River Man", Rocki Dzidzomu (congas), string arrangement by Robert Kirby on "Way To Blue", "Day Is Done", "Thoughts of Mary Jane" and "Fruit Tree", Clare Lowther (cello), Tristran Fry (drums, vibraphone). Produced by Joe Boyd.



1. Time Has Told MeNick Drake
2. River ManNick Drake
3. Three HoursNick Drake
4. Day is DoneNick Drake
5. Way to blueNick Drake
6. Cello SongNick Drake
7. The thoughts of Mary JaneNick Drake
8. Man in a ShedNick Drake
9. Fruit TreeNick Drake
10. Saturday sunNick Drake

Pink Moon Running time 28 minutes 36 seconds. Recorded 1972. Nick Drake vocal and acoustic guitar on all tracks, except 'Horn' (instrumental only) and piano overdub on 'Pink Moon'.



1. Pink MoonNick Drake
2. Place To BeNick Drake
3. RoadNick Drake
4. Which WillNick Drake
5. HornNick Drake (instrumental)
6. Things Behind The SunNick Drake
7. KnowNick Drake
8. ParasiteNick Drake
9. RideNick Drake
10. Harvest BreedNick Drake
11. From The MorningNick Drake

Books: "Nick Drake: Complete Guide To His Music" by Peter Hogan (2009)
"Nick Drake: The Biography" by Patrick Humphries (1998)
"Darker The Deepest Sea: the Search for Nick Drake" by Trevor Dann (2006)

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