Vin Garbutt (b 1947)

English singer of mainly his own songs. Some traditional instrumentals and some traditional songs. Often writes songs with contemporary issues.


Valley of Tees1972 TrailerLER 2078
The Young Tin Whistle Pest1974 TrailerLER 2081
King Gooden1976  
Eston California1977 Topic12TS378
Tossin' A Wobler1978Topic12TS385
When The Tide Turns1989 Celtic Music 
[Reissued as "When the Tide Turns Again"]1998 Home RootsHRCD012
The By-pass Syndrome1991 Home RootsHRCD008
Bandalised1994 Home RootsHRCD009
Plugged (Live)1995 Home RootsHRCD011
Word of Mouth1999 Home RootsHTCD012
The Vin Garbutt Songbook Vol 1 2003Home Roots 
Persona ... Grata2005 Home Roots 

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