Nanci Griffith (b 1953)

American singer (Country/Folk) and songwriter.


There's A Light Beyond These Woods1978  
Poet in My Window1982  
Once in a Very Blue Moon1985  
Last of the True Believers1986  
Lone Star State of Mind1987  
Little Love Affairs1988 MCAMCF 3413 
One Fair Summer Evening (live)1988   
Storms1989 MCAMCG 6066 
[Reissue]2007 Spectrum Audio 
Late Night Grande Hotel1991 MCAMCA 10306 
Other Voices, Other Rooms1993 MCAMCD 10796 
Flyer1994 M,CAMCD 11155 
Blue Roses From the Moons 1997 Elektra7559620152 
Other Voices, Too (A Trip To the Bountiful) 1998 Elektra 
The Dust Bowl Symphony 1999    
Clock Without Hands2001 Elektra7559626602 
Ruby's Torch2008 Rounder/ Decca 
Last of the True Believers2008 Decca/ Umo 
The Loving Kind2009 Rounder/ Decca 


Title. year. Label. number.
The Best of Nanci Griffith (compilation) 1993 MCAMCD 10966 

Live Albums.

Title. year. Label. number.
Winter Marquee (live) 2002 ?  
One Fair Summer Evening (live 1988) 2007Commercial Marketing 

Best Albums(*).

Title. year. Label. number.
Best of Nanci Griffith (comp) 1993    
Last of the True Believers 1986    
Lone Star State of Mind 1987    

(*)Based on critical opinion.


Title. year. Label.
Once In a Very Blue Moon 1983  
Lone Star State of Mind/ There's A Light Beyond the Woods 1987  
Love In a Memory/ Trouble In the Fields 1987  
From A Distance/ Sing One For Sister 1987  
Cold Hearts, Closed Minds (E.P.) 1987  

Hit albums.

Title.year.Highest position.
Little Love Affairs1988 78
Storms1989 38
Late Night Grande Hotel1991 40
Other Voices, Other Rooms1993 18
Flyer1994 20
Blue Roses From the Moons 1997 64
Clock Without Hands 2001 61

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